Ski School

Thinking about putting your kids into ski school? Or maybe you want some tips on how to teach your own kids to ski? Either way, we’re here to help with the best tips and tricks for success when your child is learning how to ski.

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Beginner’s Guide to Skiing: Learning to Ski as an Adult

Learning to ski as an adult can be intimidating but so worth it. Getting started can be the hardest part. Here are some of my tips to help get you started.
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7 Tips For Riding a Magic Carpet Ski Lift

Magic carpet ski lifts are absolutely great for learning how to ski. Discover the best tips and tricks for using them easily.
High five ski school Grand Targhee

Do You Need Ski Lessons To Learn To Ski? The Truth From a Ski Instructor…

Do you need ski lessons or not? As a former ski instructor, I’ll give you the best advice on when to take ski lessons and when to skip them!
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5 Steps for Teaching Kids To Turn on Skis

Teahcing kids to turn on skis is one of the easiest skills to teach. Learn the steps you ened to teach your kids this critical ski skill!
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Teaching Your Own Kids To Ski: 5 Critical Skills To Teach

Want your kids to learn to ski without spending hundreds of dollars a day on ski school? Learn exactly how you can teach your own kids to ski.
Family skiing at Grand Targhee

Teaching Kids To Ski At Grand Targhee: From Beginner to Expert

Not all ski resorts are created equal, ESPECIALLY when it comes to teaching kids to ski. Grand Targhee is one of our favorite places to teach kids to ski – come check out why!
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How many ski lessons do kids need to take?

A few lessons of ski school is one of the best investments you can make for your child learning to ski! A beginner skier needs at least 2-3 lessons to get started.
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What is the Best Age to Teach Kids to Ski? Ski Instructor Mom Thoughts

Eager to get your kids on skis, but don’t know what the best age to start is? Learn exactly what you need to consider when choosing the perfect age to teach your kids to ski.
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States with Free (or Super Cheap) Ski Passes for Elementary Kids 

Discover states offering free or super cheap ski passes for elementary school kids. Get the best ski experience for your family and save money.
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Getting The Most Out Of Ski School For Kids

Don’t spend your money on ski school without reading this! 10 tips to make sure that you get the most bang for your buck when you send your kids to ski school!