25 Incredible Ski Gifts For Teens

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Looking for the perfect gift for a teen who loves to ski or snowboard? We’ve put together a list of the most amazing ski gifts for teens, and had every item on the list approved by our own teens!

While thinking of a ski gift for teens or snowboard gift for teens can feel a little bit overwhelming, we’ve put together some really amazing options to help you find the best ski gifts for teens!

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Best ski gifts for teens

GoPro Hero 10

If you want to give your ski teen a gift that they’ll be absolutely CRAZY about, give them a brand new GoPro. The new GoPro has incredible image stabilization so their videos will look more professional and the image quality is stunning. We love the fact that this ski camera is so versatile too so it’s not just for action shots. If you have a teen who is obsessed with skiing, they will LOVE having their own GoPro to take on ski trips and show off all of their ski tricks!

Drop in Earbuds for Ski Helmets

Teens love to listen to music when they ski or snowboard, so make that easier with drop in bluetooth headphones for their helmet. We especially love the affordable drop in headphones from Outdoor Master. They’re compatible with several helmet manufacturers and are some of the most affordable helmet headphones you can find.

Trampoline Skis

If you’re looking for a teen ski gift for someone who always loves to try new tricks on skis, consider getting them a pair of trampoline skis. Trampoline skis give teens a great place to practice their tricks in a safer environment before they test out their skills on the snow and ice. Your teen will never be bored at home again with a pair of trampoline skis to enjoy in the backyard.

Ski Tuning and Wax Kit

Teens will love this ski tuning and wax kit as they learn to take care of their own ski maintenance. This ski kit comes with everything you need to help get their skis ready for the ski hill from edge files and Ptex to a complete waxing set. We love that this ski tuning kit includes such a variety so kids can really learn several different aspects of ski care.

Ski Gloves With Touch Screen Compatibility

Teens and touch screens go hand in hand. Help your teen stay connected on the mountain WITHOUT having to freeze their hands by removing their gloves. We love these touchscreen gloves and they’re perfect for teens.

If your teen prefers mittens, get them these thin touchscreen glove liners and have them wear them inside their mittens. I’ve been doing this for years and my hands have never been cold!

FitBit Versa Fitness Watch

If your teen loves to track all their stats, then they’ll LOVE the Fitbit Versa. The top-of-the-line Fitbit smartwatch has everything you need to track your statistics on slopes, including an altimeter, barometer, GPS, SpO2 pulse-ox sensor, and a variety of activity apps that monitor 15 different activity types. The battery lift is great and it’s one of the most affordable smart watches with lots of functionality.

Ski Pole Camera Mount

Your kids are out on the slopes all day doing cool things and they’ll want to document their fun. Keep things simple for them with a ski pole camera mount. This mount works with both smartphones and action cameras, so it’s the perfect gift for teens who ski.

Insulated Camelbak

Keeping kids hydrated while skiing can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. The truth is that most kids are dehydrated while they’re skiing, especially teens. Teens tend to sweat more than younger kids so they need to drink more in order to stay properly hydrated. To keep your teen hydrated, gift them an insulated Camelbak so they don’t have any more excuses for not remembering to drink enough water while skiing.

Ski Lock

We love this small little ski lock that can help keep skis and boards secure while your in the lodge. It’s a great ski and snowboard accessory for kids, and we love that it’s small enough to keep in your pocket. This is a great affordable ski gift for teens.

Phoozy Thermal Phone Protector

Tired of your teens phone always dying on the ski hill because it’s so cold? Make sure to put a phone Phoozy in their stocking this year. Phoozy is a pouch that’s designed to insulate your phone in extremely cold conditions so that it doesn’t die when it gets cold. We love all of the fun colors available and that it’s still easy to get a phone in and out on the ski hill.

Cool Buff

Want a cheap ski gift for kids that they’re sure to use? Grab them a new buff. We love that Buffs are really affordable winter gifts and with so many print and color options, is easy to get something personalized for your ski kids!


It may not bee cool to put sunscreen on, but it’s a whole lot cooler than dealing with sunscreen as an adult. We love this tiny little sunscreen stick that’s perfect for ski days. It fits into ski jacket pockets and keeps skin protected from the sun while you’re out on the slopes all day!

Ski Socks

These kids ski socks make the perfect cheap ski gift, because who can have too many pairs of ski socks. Our kids ski in ski socks every day, so they always need more. We love these ski socks from Smartwool because they fit kids feet SO WELL and never seem to slide down or bunch up. Best of all, you can get them in lots of different styles to suit your teens personality! If you need more ideas of ski socks we have a whole post dedicated to our favorite socks.

Hand Warmer/ Power Bank

Do your teens hands get cold often when you’re outside skiing? ! Hand warmers can be a ski gift that they will appreciate for sure! We love these hand warmers for teens because they can double as a power bank to charge their eletronics if the cold zaps their battery. The only downside is that these are too big to put inside of ski gloves on really cold days. If you want reusable hand warmers that can fit inside of gloves or mittens, we recommend these hand warmers.

Insulated Hot/Cold Drink Bottle

We absolutely love this versatile insulated drink bottle. It’s leakproof, drop-proof, and perfect for your adventure-loving teen. It’s great to fill with water to stay hydrated or with hot cocoa for extra cold days, so it’s a ski present that your teen will use all year long.

Rub On Ski Wax

Do you have a teen who is obsessed with skiing fast but you don’t have time to have their skis waxed every time? Try this rub on ski wax. It simply rubs on and then buffs off, making it simple enough for teens to use often since there’s no need for heat.

Skiing Kids Hat

Have teens that enjoy sharing their enthusiasm for skiing all year round? Get them a Skiing Kids trucker hat. Ideal for hiding your helmet hair while grabbing an apres ski bite to eat or to just show off your passion for skiing all the time. AVAILABLE SOON!

YakTrax Traction Cleats

While you won’t actually use traction cleats on the ski hill, they’re a must have for icy conditions. Let’s face it, teens want to be out and active regardless of the conditions, and YakTrax allow them to get more traction on the bottom of their regular shoes. These are a must have if you’ll be somewhere with a lot of ice or snow this winter (and they pack up small so they’re easy for teens to take with them).

Powder Magazine Subscription

Share the stoke all year long with a gift subscription to Powder Magazine. Powder is a fun ski magazine for teens and showcases plenty of terrain and athletes that will inspire them to be more and push their limits. Teens will love this magazine subscription gift to enjoy year-round.

Kids Ski Coats

We absolutely Shred Dog ski coats for kids, especially since their sizes go up to a youth 16. The hardshell jackets are the most waterproof outerwear we’ve found for kids’ ski jackets, with a 20,000 waterproof rating. Combine that with the insulator puffy jackets and you’re all set for layering in cold weather. Their ski coats come in lots of fun bright colors, and we are HUGE fans of them. Use code BTK25 for 25% off your order or BTK35 for 35% off any orders over $400.

Cozy Base Layers

reima teen baselayers

While getting a new pair of base layers may not be the most exciting gift for teens to receive, they’ll sure be excited about it after a day of staying warm and dry on the ski hill. We especially love the base layers from Reima and think they’re perfect for teens. With lots of different color and material selections, including synthetic and merino wool, there’s something for everyone. Reima base layers go up to a size 16.

Use code BRINGKIDS15 for 15% off at Reima.

Stylish Goggles

If you want to give your teen’s ski outfit some WOW, the simplest and most cost-effective method is to get them some new ski goggles. There are so many amazing options out there, but if you want to buy affordable ski googles for teens that still look really cool, we recommend these ski goggles. They come in over 20 different color options so you’re sure to find something to coordinate with the rest of their ski clothes.

Insulated Food Jar

If your teen loves a hot lunch at the ski resort, but you’d rather not pay $20 for a burger and fries, invest in an insulated food jar. We love that these jars can keep food warm all day, and they’re perfect for a thick chili, pasta, or whatever other warm foods your teen loves. They’re nice and compact and are the perfect size for a single serving for a hungry teen. Toss it in a locker at the ski lodge or throw it in a ski backpack to eat whenever they’re hungry.

Rocky Talkies

There’s a fine line to walk when it comes to keeping track of your kids on the ski slope and still allowing them some freedom. That’s why we love Rocky Talkies. The 2 way radios that are built for cold, harsh conditions so you can stay in touch with your kids no matter where they are on the ski hill. We appreciate that they may be clipped to the exterior of kids ski clothing, so that they don’t have to unzip a pocket in order to communicate. These little radios can handle anything you can throw at them. You don’t have to worry about not having cell service or phone batteries running out on the ski slope now since these radios allow you to easily stay in contact all day. They’re not cheap, but they’re one of the best investments you can make in your ski family. This is the best ski gift for kids, hands down!

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