Shred Dog Adult Coat Review

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Here at Skiing Kids, we put a big emphasis on getting your kids GREAT GEAR!  We’ve seen over and over again how it can make your skiing and overall outdoor experience easier and more comfortable. This Shred Dog adult coat review will give you what we consider one of the best options for adult outerwear.

Shred Dog mens and womens coat review

In the grand scheme or an adventuring family, new gear for parents often gets neglected.  We’ve been there and so has just about every other ski parent that I know.  When you’ve got limited money and your kids have grown out of all their gear, getting new gear for the kids often trump’s new gear for mom and dad.

kids shred dog outerwear for winter

For years I’ve been okay with taking the back seat to my kids gear needs.  That is until 3 years ago when our kids started to get REALLY NICE GEAR!  Traditionally, kids gear is nothing to get jealous of…until Shred Dog hit the scene.  Suddenly, my preschooler (and all my other kids) had significantly nicer outerwear than I did.  And for once, I decided that it was time to do something about it.

I’ve been patiently waiting for Shred Dog to release their womens shell (the mens shell and puffy were released last season), and this year, they finally did.

And I couldn’t be happier.

Shred Dog mens and womens coat

Shred Dog’s adult outerwear is the stuff my ski coat dreams are made of, and I can’t wait to share with you why we’ve fallen in love with their adult ski hardshells. 

Our kids have put Shred Dog Gear to the test and I’ve been constantly impressed, so I feel confident in knowing that getting this shell as an adult, it will last for years and years to come.  

Shred Dog Outerwear Review
Ages 5-41, all wearing Shred Dog

Best Features To Look For In A Long Lasting Winter Coat

Knowing how often my kids’ needs have taken priority over mine for the last 15 years makes me VERY CONSCIOUS in the gear that we choose to invest in.  My last shell was over 12 years old, and knowing that I’ve got kids at home for the next 13 years, I want something that will last at least a decade if I need it to.

Shred Dog Outerwear Review

Top Priority Features When Choosing Outerwear: Breathability and Waterproofing

When choosing the best technical outerwear for adults, it’s worth it to spend a little bit more money to get something that will LAST!  Breathability and waterproofing failures are one of the biggest reasons that we get rid of outerwear.  If it’s not keeping you dry and helping to regulate your temperature, then it’s not very useful on a winter ski day.  When you’re looking for outwear, get something that has the highest waterproofing and breathability ratings you can afford as well as taped seams (FULLY TAPED seams, not just critically taped seams). 

Is It Better To Get An Insulated Coat or a Shell and Layers?

If you want something that you can just grab and go, then an insulated coat is your best option.  

If you’re looking for ultimate versatility, and customization, there’s no way to go except a shell and insulating layers.  With a shell and layers, I can wear everything basically year round depending on the conditions.  I’ll wear my shell layered with a down jacket to ski, and take the same shell out for a summer hike in the rain.  Layers may sound like a lot to deal with, but they’re actually a more realistic approach to outerwear and give you more bang for your buck.

Shred Dog Adult Hardshell Review

As I mentioned above, I’ve been waiting YEARS for Shred Dog to start making adult outerwear, and the specs and technical features just don’t lie.  Here are some of the things that we love about Shred Dog Coats for adults.  All of these features are the same for both the mens and the womens shells. 

Shred Dog Outerwear Review

20k/20k waterproofing and breathability rating

Shed Dog has top of the line waterproofing and breathability which makes it high on my list.  Like other technical shells, the Shred Dog hardshells is not insulated, but it’s also not just made of one layer of material either. It has a 20,000 waterproof layer on the outside as well as a 20,000 breathable membrane to help regulate temperatures, making it an overall outstanding shell.  In comparison, most average ski coats have a 10,000 waterproof rating, so this is basically double that, all while still maintaining breathability.  

Shred Dog Outerwear Review

Fully Taped Seams

Additionally, Shred Dog shells come with fully taped seams so that especially where the seams are, your shell is going to be waterproof.  Many other brands offer only critically taped seams which leads to an inferior product and quality.  Not a single concern with any of the seams in a Shred Dog Shell leaking water. 

Skiing whistler with kids

Powder Skirt

If you’re going to get a technical hardshell, a powder skirt is a MUST HAVE.  Although I don’t use them often, on deep days (like we keep having this season), they’re a game changer.  The best part of the Shred Dog powder skirt is that it can be snapped up so that it’s not in the way when you’re not wearing it.

Shred Dog Outerwear Review

Pit Zips

Most men’s coats come with pit zips, but not womens…and I was shocked and thrilled that Shred Dog put pit zips on both their mens and womens hardshells.  Give me all the ventilation on a run when I’m charging it without the kids so that on the next run when I’m taking it easier, I’m not dripping with sweat.  LOVE!

Shred Dog Outerwear Review

Oversized Hood

Having a helmet compatible hood is a MUST in any technical ski shell and the hood in Shred Dog coats does not disappoint.  It easily covers my helmet (I have a large 58cm head) and works wonders on stormy or windy days.  The slight brim on it is wonderful on days that have just a bit more moisture to them and it’s perfect to keep that from running into your face.

Shred Dog Outerwear Review


Every ski parent can always use more POCKETS.  I’ll be honest, my initial impression was that this shell didn’t have enough pockets for me to carry ALL. THE. THINGS.  However, after a few ski days to adjust, I realized that maybe I don’t need to carry as much with me and just simplified things.  There’s a pass pocket on the sleeve, a chest pocket that works perfect for my phone, and the hand pockets are the perfect size to stash a few granola bars and chairlift treats in each one.  

Differences Between The Mens and Womens Hardshell Jackets from Shred Dog

A year ago when my husband got his Shred Dog shell and puffy, I quickly started to steal it.  It was perfect to throw on when I ran out of the house on a wet day, and the oversized feel felt cozy.  I was shocked when the womens line came out this year and it had such a different cut.  AND IT’S AMAZING!  It really should come as no surprise since Olympian Julia Mancuso was one of the lead designers in the process.  

Shred Dog Outerwear Review

The mens hardshell from Shred Dog is boxy and wider.  My husband is very thin and tall, but even if he gained 50 lbs, he’d still have room.

Shred Dog Outerwear Review

The women’s shell from Shred Dog was undeniably feminine.  The cut is tailored in all the right places and seems to move with me on the mountain.  I absolutely love it and feel like it’s a much more flattering cut than a traditional womens ski coat!

Shred Dog Outerwear Review

For reference, My husband is 6’2” and 155 lbs and I’m 5’9” and 145 lbs – we are both wearing a size medium.

The only downside to the Shred Dog coats is that currently the color scheme is limited to just navy and orange.  However, we know that they are planning to expand the color options in the near future.

Shred Dog Outerwear Review

Have questions about Shred Dog coats for adults?  Ask away!  We love helping you find the best ski gear for your entire family, and these are our favorite technical shells for adults AND for kids!  

Written by Jessica Averett

Hi, I'm Jessica! After meeting my husband on a chairlift, we now live in the mountains of Utah with our 5 kids. As a former ski instructor and mom, I'm here to help you make your family ski trips as easy, and FUN, as possible!