Kids Reima Winter Clothes Review: Our Full Review After Years of Use

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Reima is one one the most well respected names in kids outdoor clothing, but I’m sure that many people are wondering “How good are Reima kids winter clothes?”

Our kids have been wearing Reima winter clothes for YEARS, and I can’t wait to share with you about how good Reima kids winter clothes are and how they’re handled the abuse that our 5 active kids have thrown at them.  Truthfully, I think you’ll be shocked.

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About Reima

Reima is a Finnish outdoor childrens company that focuses on creating high quality outdoor clothing for kids so that they can run, play, explore, and just be kids.  The brands popularity has exploded in the United States in the past several years and it’s now commonplace to see their gear at any ski resort, trailhead, or outdoor play area.

Reima winter clothes for kids review

Their motto is: “ We design functional clothes for kids ages 0 to 14, thinking of every detail so that you and your child can focus on what matters the most: an active life together.”

Their clothing is design to keep kids comfortable and protected no matter what the weather, be it rain, sleet, snow or heat and sunshine!

Who is Reima Clothing Best For?

Reima designs their outdoor clothing specifically for kids ages 0-14.  The styles are comfortable and the material is durable, so even if your kids are hard on their clothes, they’re designed to last.  

Reima winter clothes for kids review

Reima clothes also tend to run about a full size larger than traditional US clothing sizes.  This means that you can order your kids their current size and it will likely fit them for this season and the next (and sometimes even one more).  We love the generous sizing for longevity, but also so that kids are more comfortable in their clothes. 

Our daughter is 13 and typically wears a size 14 in most clothes, but in Reima clothes, she can wear a size 12 just fine, so I think we have a couple more years where she can fit into Reima clothes.  

Reima winter clothes for kids review

Many of Reima’s winter outerwear pieces for kids have a coating on them that not only repels water, but also dirt, so even if your kids are really hard on clothes, they will last long and still look nice in the process.  

Reima Winter Clothing For Kids Review

Reima has great clothing year round for kids, but the area that they really shine in our eyes is with their kids winter outerwear.  We’ve tried SO MANY pieces throughout the years and have landed on a few favorites.

While we’re focusing this review on outerwear, they also make some of our favorite mittens and gloves and some fantastic kids base layers!

Reima Kids Snowsuits Review

The first product that won my heart over from Reima was their kids snowsuits.  They are warm, functional, and best of all they’re ADORABLE!  We love everything about them!  They’re classic winter snowsuits for kids that you’ll want to hang on to and pass down to younger siblings or friends, knowing that they’re going to last for years to come!

Kids Reima Stavenger Snowsuit Review

Reima stavenger snowsuit review

Size 4-10
MSRP: $195

My youngest has been wearing the Stavenger snowsuit for a couple of years, and I love it beyond words.  It’s got a classic style with solid colors and a fur trimmed hood, which my little man has affectionately named his racoon suit.  After 2 years in most gear, I’d expect to see a ragged hem, and worn knees, but not with this suit – it’s still in excellent condition and looks almost new.  It’s warm, so easy to get on and off, and after 2 years of use, it still looks great and will be getting passed on to his younger cousins next season.  

Reima stavenger snowsuit review

Here are some of the best features of the Reima Stavenger Snowsuit:
-Warm to -5 Fahrenheit
-All seams are sealed to be waterproof
-Dirt and water repellant finish
-detachable hood
-adjustable waist for a more fitted style
-Silicone foot loops to keep legs down over boots (even ski boots)
-Incredibly HIGH abrasion resistance

Reima Kipina Kids Snowsuit – Warmest Kids Snowsuit

Reima snowsuit kipina review

Size 4-10
MSRP: $179

We’ve been using the Reima Kipina all season and it’s absolutely incredible.  It’s very similar to the Stavenger, but with a warmer temperature rating.  One of our kids gets cold VERY EASILY and this snowsuit has been a game changer for him.  WIth our incredibly snowy winter so far, he’s getting nearly daily use out of it, and unlike in years past, he can now ski all day without ever getting cold.  This is the warmest snowsuit that we’ve ever found and we love it so much!  The biggest difference between the Stavenger and the Kipina is that they appear to be made of slightly different material making the Stavenger more durable long term.

Reima snowsuit kipina review

Here are some of the best features of the Reima Kipina Kids Snowsuit:
-Warm to -20 Fahrenheit
-All seams are sealed to be waterproof, 10,000 waterproof rating
-Dirt and water repellent finish
-detachable hood with fur trim
-adjustable waist for a more fitted style, slim style overall
-Silicone foot loops to keep pant legs down over boots (even ski boots)

Reima Kids Snow Pants Review

If your kids aren’t into snowsuits, Reima has them covered with incredible snowpants options to keep kids warm and dry all winter long.  All of the snow pants that we’ve tried out from Reima have simple designs without a lot of bells and whistles.  Bottom line, they do a great job and keep their pants simple so that kids can just play!

Reima Proxima Snow Pant Review

Reima proxima snow pants review review

Size 2-13
MSRP: $79

After trying a few different styles, this is our favorite of all of Reima’s snow pants for kids.  We love that it’s a classic style, easy to get on and off, and best of all, comes in tons of fun colors to go with just about anything you can imagine.  It has removable and adjustable suspenders that do a great job of keeping pants where they’re supposed to be, even when kids are super active.  These are the best snow pants for everyday use and wear, and the ones we’ve gotten the kids year after year!

Reima proxima snow pants review

Here are some of the best features:
-All seams are taped to be waterproof
-10,000 waterproof rating
-Dirt and water repellent finish
-High Abrasion resistance

Best Kids Reima Coats For Skiing

With all the Reima coats we’ve had over the years, we do have a few favorites that we would consider the best Reima coats for winter.  When we look for kids coats for kids, we’ve found what we’re looking for over and over again with Reima.  If you’re looking for something for kids who are skiing often and in really cold temps, you’ll find it.  If you want a cute coat that can still perform well in harsh conditions, that’s there for you as well.  Reima has such a great variety of kids coats that it makes finding a good fit for your kids (one that suits the conditions and that they’ll LOVE), is easy!  Here are our top picks:

Kids Reima Tirro Winter Coat Review

Reima winter clothes for kids review

Size 6-12
MSRP: $179

We’ve been skiing in this winter coat all winter and absolutely love it.  It’s easily the best Reima ski coat that we’ve ever tried.  It’s incredibly waterproof and dirt seems to just slide right off as well.  The material is a thicker and more solid fabric that doesn’t really feel soft and cozy, which makes the performance through the roof.  It’s stood up to all the beatings that our 10-year-old can throw at it and is still looking amazing.  It’s got features that make it fantastic for skiing including lycra cuffs, a ski pass pocket, and even a goggle pocket inside.  This coat is sure to be really durable and we’ll be hanging on to it to pass down to younger siblings.

Reima winter clothes for kids review

Here are some of the best features:
-All seams are taped waterproof, including waterproof zippers
-Lycra cuffs keep snow out and wrists warm
-Ski pass pocket
-Detachable powder skirt
-Made from recycled fibers
-Adjustable waist hem
-10,000 waterproof rating

Reima Kulkija Kids Coat Review

Reima winter clothes for kids review

Size 4-14
MSRP: $169

We’ve had this coat for the last 2 winters and it’s one of our go-to winter coats for kids.  It’s waterproof, breathable, and it’s fully recyclable.  Yes, you read that right – this jacket can be completely recycled after you’re done with it! Even the insulation is made of recycled material, which is awesome.All the seams are taped to keep it dry and waterproof which is perfect for kids who like to play HARD! This coat does not have elasticized wrists, but it can be tightened with velcro which is a great option for kids who don’t like things tight on their wrists.

Reima winter clothes for kids review

Here are some of the best features:
-All seams taped and sealed for waterproofing
-10,000 waterproof rating
-detachable powder skirt
-Inside pocket + ski pass pocket on sleeve
-Fully recyclable

These options are just a few of the winter kids’ outerwear from Reima that we love the most.  If you don’t see something that looks like a good fit for your kid, hop on over to their website to browse.  If you love bright, fun solid colors, and creative prints, all without sacrificing quality and performance, Reima is the best brand you can find!

Written by Jessica Averett

Hi, I'm Jessica! After meeting my husband on a chairlift, we now live in the mountains of Utah with our 5 kids. As a former ski instructor and mom, I'm here to help you make your family ski trips as easy, and FUN, as possible!