35 Ridiculously Fun Snow Toys for 2022

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Don’t let the cold temperatures keep you inside this winter. With a few good pieces of clothing and some fun snow toys, your whole family will be BEGGING to go outside and play this winter.

snow play kids

Before you head outside, know that the secret to having an awesome time outside in the snow, starts with your clothing, not the toys (especially for kids). It’s no secret that it’s hard to be happy and have fun when you’re freezing, so think ahead and dress for the weather. Here are some helpful articles to help you figure out what to wear on your next snow play day!

Best Waterproof Mittens and Gloves for Kids
Best Kids Winter Coats
Best Kids Snow Pants
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Best Kids Base Layers (the true secret to staying warm in the snow)

Toy Skis, Snowboards, and Snowshoes: Best kids snow toys

We absolutely love toy skis and snowboards for kids and our kids always have a blast making fun footprints with their toy snowshoes. Getting snow toys like this for kids is a great way to let them be creative and have fun with things that they normally wouldn’t do on the ski hill! These are also great if you think your kid is too young to ski, but you want to introduce them to the sport!

Below you’ll find our favorite toy skis, but make sure to check out our other article on best Ski Toys kids will love!

toddler skiing with an edgie wedgie

Lucky Bums Toy Skis

These little kids skis from Lucky Bums are perfect for backyard play or a simple cross country ski trip with little kids. The bindings of these ski toys can strap onto your kids snow boots, and these are such a fun way to introduce skiing to your kids. We also love the heirloom design (I have a pair of vintage cross country skis that my great grandmother used to ski to school in during her Idaho winters and these look so similar). Note: Since these skis just have strap on bindings and don’t have a plastic edge, they’re not suitable for ski resort use and rea really just a skiing toy.

Backyard Snowboard

This backyard snowboard is perfect for letting kids try out snowboarding without the cost of a lift ticket. This snowboard is for beginners and is only meant for play, since it’s just wood (a resort snowboard needs metal edges), but it will provide hours of fun! It has easy hook and loop bindings that are easy to use and adjust to multiple riders, so you can pull the strap tight to make it fit. This is a great toy snowboard that’s perfectly sized for kids.

Flash Trax Kids Snowshoes

These kids snowshoes are so much fun and are sure to make snow days even more exciting. Kids will love tromping around and leaving Yeti footprints wherever they go. These are made by one of our favorite snowshoe companies, Redfeather, and are excellent quality kids snowshoes, not just a backyard toy. The bindings are easily adjustable so they go on easily and can be quickly adjusted to different boot sizes.

Snow Fort and Igloo Building: Best Snow toys for adults

One of our all time favorite winter activities as a family is building snow forts and igloos. The Ice Box igloo maker is IMPRESSIVE and will make you a legit igloo like this one if you have a day to spend. The igloo pictured here slept 8 and was big enough inside for all the kids to stand up! If you want to build something smaller, we’ve got other great options below for building a snow fort this winter!

family igloo

Snow Brick Mold Maker

If your kids love making snow forts, this snow brickmaker will make that task so much easier. Finally make uniform sized blocks with this brick maker that’s so easy that even little kids can make a great snow fort with it. This heavy duty snow brick maker has the perfect combination of flex and rigidity so that you can really pack in the snow, but not worry about breaking the mold. This brick maker is great for building snow forts, but not quite big enough for Igloo making.

Ice Box Igloo Maker – best winter toy for adults!

If you want to make a serious Igloo, the best tool you can have for Igloo building is the Ice Box Igloo Block maker. This is hands down the best winter toy for adults! It will take several hours to build your igloo with this block maker, but in the end, you’ll have a full-sized adult igloo. We used one of these to make a massive Igloo last winter to sleep 8 people in it. It allowed us to have confidence in our construction and to build a really solid Igloo that stood for weeks after (and only fell because of a warm spell). While this is a bit too complicated for kids to use on their own, building an igloo is the perfect family snow activity for an afternoon.

Snow Bikes, Snow Skateboards, and Snow Scooters: Best snow toys for teens

9 years ago, we got our first ski bike attachment and it’s our kids favorite snow toy! Since then we’ve tried ski bikes at the ski resort and this year are getting snow skates and snow scooters for our kids to match their wheeled obsession! These are the perfect snow toys for active kids and adults alike!

kids playing in the snow

Shred Snowskate

Do you have a skater in the family who gets down about how hard it is to skate in the winter? They’ll absolutely love this snowskate! This snowskate gives riders the an experience like skateboarding, but on the snow. The Molded bottom ridges makes it easy to stop and control and skaters will love the unique side features that make it easy to grab. The sure-grip handle helps you have stability when you are making carves, jumps, and tricks. We’re ordering one of these for our teenage skateboarder this winter!

Snow Scooter

Head to the sledding hill in style with this Scoot Snow Scooter. This combines winter with one of our kids favorite toys, a street scooter. Perfect for gliding around the backyard or even just around the neighborhood on flater surfaces. We love that the handle folds flat for easy storage.

Stiga Snow Kick Scooter

This is probably the best snow scooter that we’ve ever seen. I love that the front has a steerable ski just like a regular scooter so that kids can not only have fun, but can also steer the direction of this ski scooter. There are 3 different height adjustments so it’s easy to use for a wide range of riders. This is the perfect snow scooter for tricks and the folding handle makes it easy to transport and store.

Strider Balance Bike Ski Attachment

9 years ago, we got a Strider balance bike for our kids with this same ski attachment. Now that all of our kids are well past the balance bike phase, we keep the bike JUST so that our kids can use it in the winter as a ski bike. This is the most fun ski bike for kids! They push with their feet, just like a regular balance bike and since there are 2 skis, it’s easy to control the direction on this kids ski bike. The skis are really easy to attach to a balance bike and we can switch the bike from a balance bike to a ski bike in just a couple of minutes. While I don’t know what the weight rating is, my teenage son and his friends even use this, so it’s incredibly solid!

Creative Winter Snow Toys for kids

If your kids love to be creative and are always dreaming up new ideas, blend that with winter with some of these great creative winter toys for snow play.

girl making snow angel

Snow Art Kit

Do you have a winter toy lover in your family who loves to do arts and crafts? Then this snow art kit is the perfect outdoor winter craft for them. The snow markers are super fun and I love that it comes with snow molds to help your snow lovers jumpstart their creativity!

Snow Color Tablets

Make your snow decorations extra colorful with these color tablets. Simply disolve them in a spray bottle, then go outside and “color” your snow creations. You’ll have the most beautiful snow forts, snowman, and igloo on the block.

Funny Faces Snowman Kit

If you love a good laugh, then you’ll love this snowman kit. This kit is packed full of lots of funny faces and features that you can add to your snowman this winter. We love that with this snowman kit you can really customize your snowman to suit your personality. There are 40 different snowman accessories so you can build a different looking snowman every time it snows, making this a very long lasting winter toy.

Dinosaur Snow Mold

Isn’t this dino snow mold the cutest snow play toy ever? If you have a dinosaur lover in your house, like we do, you’ll love thrilling them with this toddler snow toy dinosaur set. Available in a 4 pack this is the perfect snow play toy for a kids dinosaur playdate to get the kids outside and active in the winter. We love molds like this because they’re really easy to use and are perfect for young kids (our son could use them on his own by age 3, and at age 2 with a little help). This is one of the best snow toys for toddlers and young kids.

Snow Castle Mold Set

If you enjoy making sandcastles in the summer, you’ll love this snow castle mold for the winter (it can also make sandcastles in the summer). This 6 piece snow mold set is the perfect toy to play in the snow and is designed to help you easily make a multi-level snow castle that you’ll love playing with this winter. With lots of different shaped molds it’s easy to make a custom looking snow castle every time. This is one of our top snow toys for toddlers.

Snowman Decorating Kit

We’ve had a snowman decorating kit since our kids were little, and they use it ALL THE TIME! Honestly, it’s outside on some sort of snowman (or other snow creation) nearly all winter. This is a great snow toy to help kids get creative and to want to show off what they’ve created to the entire neighborhood. If you’ve got multiple kids, I highly recommend getting more than one set, so each kid can make their own snowman.

Penguin Snow Mold

With this basic, efficient design, all you have to do is add snow and the distinctive mold will produce a perfect penguin snow figurine in a matter of seconds. It’s really so easy that even young kids can enjoy this snow mold. This is the perfect snow toy for decorating snow forts or just creating a few friendly creatures to greet guests when they come to your house this winter.

Coolest Snowball Toys: Best outdoor winter toy

In our neighborhood, snowball fights take on EPIC proportions with everyone from toddlers to grown men joining in. That’s what makes snowball toys high on our list of best outdoor winter toys. It’s an absolute riot to watch the whole neighborhood get into snowball fights. The best thing we ever did was get our kids’ basic snowball makers so that instead of stressing about making the snowballs, they could just enjoy throwing them (we have the 4 pack below…we probably own at least 10 – they’re amazing). SNowball toys make the best outdoor snow toys since all ages can enjoy them.

snowball toys for kids

Snowball Mega Launcher

Want to take your snowball fights to the next level? Then this snowball launcher is the perfect toy for extreme snowball fights. Perfect for a while neighborhood snowball fight or launching snowballs into another yard, or even setting up an Angry Birds style contest where you build towers to knock down with your snowball launcher. This snowball launcher is pretty heafty and works best with three people – two holding the launcher and one person launching the snowballs. This is one of the best snowball toys we’ve ever seen and we recommend buying at least 2 for maximum fun.

Single Person Snowball Launcher

If you’re looking for a snowball launcher that one person can handle alone, this is a great option for a fun snowball toy. This snowball launcher is perfect for small scale snowball wars and is great for younger kids too since it makes it easier for them to throw a snowball instead of just holding it in their gloves. You can easily get year round use out of this buy using it with balls when there’s no snow on the ground.

Hoopla Snowball Thrower

If you haven’t figured it out already, we think that snowball toys are the absolute best and can provide hours of entertainment. We like this snowball thrower because not only can it help you make your snowballs, but it can actually help you throw them as well. This is the all-in-one snowball fight toy!

Snowball Maker

These simple snowball makers are a must have and will absolutely revolutionize snowball fights for your family. These are incredibly easy to use, and they make the perfect snowball every time in just a few seconds (no more frustrated kids when they can’t get the snow to pack just right. This snow toy is a must have for every snow day.

Sno Shelter

This Sno Shelter is the perfect add on to your next snowball fight. Everyone knows that in order to have a successful snowfall fight, you need somewhere to hide and take shelter. Reality is that you don’t always have the time (or enough snow) to build one. This snowball fight tent is easy to set up and the white coloring means that you can easily disguise yourself to blend in with your surroundings.

Handheld Snow Slingshot

Instantly boost how far your snowballs can soar with this handheld snowball slingshot toy. This snow toy is excellent for small scale snowball fights or for someball fights where you don’t have teams. We love that it’s easy to pull back and aim snowballs directly at your target. This a a great snowball fight toy!

Best Sleds And Snow Tubes For Snow Play

What’s winter without some EPIC sledding? Sleds are our favorite snow toy and are the most used winter toy for kids at our house. We have a huge variety so that they kids always can find the perfect sled for the conditions and wherever we’re sledding (we live in the mountains, so sledding is an almost daily occurrence in winter). We’ve gone through a lot of sleds at our house, and here are some of our favorites!

foam sled boy

Hammerhead Pro Steerable Snow Sled

Are you a pretty serious sledder? This is the sled that you NEED! Use Hammerhead’s revolutionary spring steering mechanism, which includes polycarbonate and HDPE skis, this sled takes sledding to the extreme. The precise design and frame will have you cruising down the sledding hill with precise steering and plenty of speed. This extreme snow sled is suitable for kids and adults up to 230 lbs.

Zipfy Luge Sled

If you want a small, compact sled that has excellent maneuverability, you’re going to love the Zipfy Luge Sled. This sled is perfect for kids ages 5 and older all the way through adults. With a low center of gravity and the rail design on the sled’s underbelly, riders can carve down the slopes simply by leaning into the turn (and it’s not difficult). This sled has a super compact design, so it can easily be taken back up a sledding hill. We love the compact design for winter hiking where we hike up the hill and then sled back down. As a parent, I also love that there’s no way for kids to ride head first making this is one of the safest snow sleds we’ve seen.

Convertible Wagon Sled (skis and wheels)

This convertible wagon sled is absolutely genius! It’s perfect to have the skis on in the winter and the wheels on the rest of the year so you can really use it in all seasons. This is great for long family walks, hauling things around in the snow, or even getting your kids from the car to the ski hill. This is one of the best snow toys for families with young kids.

Flexible Flyer Wooden Toboggan

What’s not to love about this classic flexible flyer wooden toboggan? Our family had a giant wooden toboggan just like this when I was growing up and I have some of my most fun winter memories on this classic sled. We would pile on all the kids and race down the hill. Now over 30 years later, that same sled is still going strong for all the grandkids to make their own memories on. If you want a sled that will last for years, this is one of the most durable snow sleds.

Foldable Dog Kicksled

Channel your inner Iron Will with this incredible dog kicksled. This dog sled is foldable for easy storage and lightweight at only 18 points. Designed to be pulled or pushed this fun dogsled can be used with or without mans best friend. This sled is designed to hold one adult on the back and one child sitting on the sled. To help you get the hang of your new dogsled and stay in control, this sled comes with a simple step brake system.

large family sled

Flexible Flyer Large Sled for Adults and families

If you’re looking for a sled that’s large enough for adults to comfortably enjoy, the Flexible Flyer is a fantastic option at 66 inches long. This snow sled can be by three people at a time making it one of the largest snow sleds you can buy. With a generous weight capacity, this snow sled is perfect for couples and families looking for a snow day adventure together.

Heavy Duty Snow Tube

Snow tubes are the fastest way to get down the sledding hill, so if you like speed, you’ll love this tube. The extra protection cushion lends further support and shock absorption, resulting in a considerably smoother ride. When sledding downhill, two sturdy handles provide for maximum safety and comfort while the tow line is extremely useful for getting your tube back up the hill. We love that this is made of heavy duty rubber so it can withstand collisions and exposure to low temperatures.

snow tubing with kids

Lucky Bums Kids Sled

If you’re looking for a great plastic kids sled, this is the sled we recommend the most. Our family has owned a few Lucky Bums sled for years and they’re the only sleds that have been able to withstand the abuse that my teenage son and his friends throw at it. These sleds are incredible quality, so we highly recommend them (significantly better than anything we’ve seen at our local big box stores). If you want a sled that’s going to last, get Lucky Bums.

Flexible Flyer Wooden Toddler Sled

This classic sled for baby is out of this world adorable! We love the classic styling and know this would be perfect for a stroll through the forest. This sled doesn’t have a strap like other baby sleds, so it’s recommended for kids ages 18 months to around age 4. This snow sled is incredibly lightweight at only 8.5 pounds, and the high sides make it easy for little hands to hold on. We also love that this toddler sled has an extra wide base for stabilty.

Flexible Flyer Baby Pull Sled

This is the baby sled that we used when all our kids were little and I absolutely LOVE it! The wide base and low styling make it extra stable so baby stays comfortable and still. The molded plastic cradles kids well and the design is perfect for having baby tucked securely into the sled. Of course it comes with a strap to help keep a baby in the sled, which is especially helpful if your baby falls asleep in this sled like mine often did. We highly recommend this baby sled for all young families!

Gizmo Snow Sled

This kids sled is built for SPEED! We love this sled because it has a built in steering wheel that’s designed to turn at high speeds while still staying stable. This happens because each of the skis turns at a slightly different angle to help maintain stability without compromising speed. Best of all, this sled has a hand brake so that your speed doesn’t get too out of control.

Sno-Storm Foam Sleds

As much as I love a great wooden or plastic sled, the truth is that my kids prefer foam sleds. Truthfully, who can blame them? They’re lightweight and easy to carry back up the hill, AND they’re incredibly fast! We love these sleds from Sno-Storm because they’re designed to seat 2 people to make your family sledding day extra fun. Foam sleds are not as durable as the other sleds we’ve shared, to make sure to not fold them or leave them out in the sun for extended periods or the foam starts to break down.

Character Snow Tube

You’ll be the center of attention at the sledding hill with one of these character snow tubes this year. Just like the amazing water tubes you see at the beach, these snow tubes are designed for FUN and SPEED. We especially love that there is a rapid fill value so you don’t have to spend hours blowing it up with your mouth!

kids playing in the snow

We hope you find the perfect snow toy this year that will keep your family smiling all winter long. If you’re in need of some help finding an amazing snow toy, we can’t recommend these snow toys above. Although it’s tempting to just stay curled up with a warm blanket and a good book, staying active in the winter can be tons of fun, and these snow toys will give you plenty of reasons to get outside and play this winter!

Written by Jessica Averett

Hi, I'm Jessica! After meeting my husband on a chairlift, we now live in the mountains of Utah with our 5 kids. As a former ski instructor and mom, I'm here to help you make your family ski trips as easy, and FUN, as possible!