Family Ski Gear Guide 2022-23

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If you’re looking for the best family ski gear of 2022-23, you’re in the right place.  We’ve compiled all of our favorite tried and tested gear to help make getting on the snow easier and more fun for your family. 

Best of all, we’ve got discounts for most of these products below as well, so keep reading to get some great deals!

Whether you’re looking for ski gear for kids, ski accessories, or adult ski gear, we’ve got something for everyone here.  Every single product that we’re featuring here is something we LOVE and that we’re confident will make your ski days better too!

Best Family Ski Gear for 2022-2023

Shred Dog Elevated Kids Hardshell Jacket and Elevated Kids Bib/Snow Pants

In our family, ski days are long and full of fun, and we know that our gear needs to last longer than we do on the hill.  Shred Dog is all about ski gear for families and their gear is top notch.  They’ve taken top of the line materials and construction and created the best kids outerwear that we’ve ever found.  This is the gear that everyone in our family wears and we can’t recommend it highly enough.

shred dog outerwear for kids

Favorite features of Shred Dog Kids Outerwear

  • 20k/20k breathability and waterproof rating (the best we’ve seen for kids EVER)
  • Fully taped seams
  • Designed for layering (the Element puffy insulator zips into the hardshell perfectly)
  • Elastic adjustment for sleeve and pant length can go shorter or longer
  • High quality and lasts for years.  We’ve been having our kids wear Shred Dog for 3 seasons, and everything we’ve bought is still in great condition and could be passed down several times.  
  • Underarm vents
  • Thigh vents
  • Helmet compatible hood
  • Rubberized Wrist gaskets

What we personally love: Getting our kids Shred Dog gear has been a GAME CHANGER for us.  Before having all of our kids wear this, our ski days were limited by when someone would get wet or cold.  We’ve never had that problem since wearing Shred Dog.  We’ve skied through everything from blizzards to rainstorms and had our kids stay warm and dry every time!  In 3 years of use (and abuse), Shred Dog gear has never let us down.  

Shred Dog Mens and Womens Elevated Hardshell Jacket

When our kids started wearing Shred Dog 3 years ago, we were blown away by the quality and the technical specs.  The reality was that thanks to Shred Dog, our kids were wearing better outerwear than mom and dad.  We were thrilled when Shred Dog started to develop adult outerwear last season.  Last year, they came out with a men’s hardshell and insulator and this season, they developed a womens version of the hardshell.  While we’ve yet to test out the womens version in the snow, it has everything we loved about the men’s jacket, in a feminine flattering cut.  

shred dog adult coat

Favorite features of the Shred Dog Adult Hardshell Jackets

  • Fully taped seams
  • Zippered pit vents
  • 20k/20k waterproof/breathability rating
  • Helmet Compatible hood
  • Different cuts for both men and women

What we personally love:  We’ve had major gear envy since our kids started wearing Shred Dog, and were thrilled when they started making adult outerwear.  We are getting a jacket that’s on par with other brands $500 coats, for a fraction of the price, is incredible.  That’s made it possible for us to invest in amazing gear for mom and dad, while still having enough money left over to gear up all our kids well for winter.

Gravity Grabber Ski Storage Rack

gravity grabber rack

Garage ski storage can be a huge mess.  Finding a ski storage rack that works for the whole family can be a major challenge.  Gravity Grabber is one of our favorite solutions for at home ski storage.  

Gravity grabber uses gravity and a set of slip resistant rubber pads to lock your skis in place and hold them securely in place along the wall.  With hooks to hold ski poles, all your ski gear can be securely stored in one place.

Favorite features of Gravity Grabber Racks

  • Easy to install multiple racks side by side
  • Works for a pair of skis or 2 snowboards
  • Holds gear securely so it doesn’t fall down
  • Simple enough for kids to use
  • Stores both skis and poles

What we personally love:  We’ve had these installed in our garage for years.  They’re so easy that even our 3 year old can get out and put away his own gear.  To make our Gravity Grabber racks work best for our family, we have each rack at a height to easily suit every person and their gear needs.  Ours are mounted in an area that’s always getting bumped and banged against, and we’ve never had a pair of skis fall down.  

Stonz Mittens

stonz mittens for kids

Cold hands are literally THE WORST for kids.  Stonz Mitts are designed in Canada with the coldest winters in mind and they are absolutely outstanding!  There are few things that will make kids want to throw in the towel and hunker down in the lodge with hot cocoa for the rest of the day like cold, wet hands.  We’ve tested all of the top kids mittens and these have consistently been the warmest and most waterproof, year after year.  

Favorite features of Stonz Mitts for kids

  • Extra long cuffs keep snow out
  • The stay on and never slip down
  • Mittens clip together to prevent kids from losing one
  • Machine washable (a very rare feature)
  • Warmest kids mittens 
  • Waterproof

What we personally love:  Our kids have been wearing Stonz Mitts for the last 5 years.  They’re the mittens that we always grab for really cold and wet days.  Our daughter gets REALLY cold hands, and these have been the only mittens that ever kept her warm for an entire ski day.  She loved them so much that she refused to wear anything but these for 4 years straight.  She wore them skiing, to recess, to the park, to ride her bike in – EVERYTHING.  Even after all that hard wearing (and abuse), they were in great shape, and if she hadn’t grown out of them, I guarantee she’d still be wearing them today!

They also make mitts and boots for babies, and they’ve always been our go-to for little ones.

Launch Pad Harness

If you’re skiing with young kids, the Launch Pad harness is something that we recommend very highly.  While the leash straps are helpful (when used correctly), the best part about the harness is the handle on the back. 

We use the handle to help our tiny skiers get up, give them a boost on the flats, and to pull them back when they’re about to crash into something.  Most of all, we use it every single time to help our kids onto the lift and to help them hold still while they’re riding the chairlift.  Kids also love it because the backpack is a great place to stash a few snacks or treats for the chairlift.  

toddler skiing with a ski harness

Favorite features of the Launch Pad Harness

  • Harness is light and comfortable for kids
  • Handle is AMAZING!  
  • Straps are detachable and store easily in the pack
  • Straps have elastic for a more gentle pull on the kids
  • Backpack perfect doubles as a kids snack holder 

What we personally love:  Our kids have been wearing Launch Pad harnesses for the last 10 years, and at any given day during that time, you’ll have seen one of our kids in their signature blue harness.  When they were little, we would always be within arms reach so we could grab them if they needed a quick correction, but even as they grow, it’s still a part of our essential daily ski gear.  Our youngest is still a tiny thing, and even though he’s starting to ski blacks, we still have him wear a harness to save our backs when he needs help and to keep him from wiggling while riding the chairlift.  Our kids wear this harness until they’re tall enough to get on the chairlift alone (around age 6-7). 

Note:  We strongly believe that harnesses can be one of the best tools to teach kids to ski, but we often see people using them incorrectly.  Make sure to read all about how to use a ski harness correctly before you hit the slopes, so that you make sure that you’re promoting good balance and technique.

Reima Northern Fleece Jacket and Coconi Snow Boots

Reima is an incredible brand for outdoor clothing for kids, so it’s no wonder that they’re one of our go-to brands.  Not only is the quality of their clothing fantastic, but their designs and prints are ADORABLE!  We seriously can’t get enough.  We fell in love with the Northern Fleece last year and it’s become my sons go-to midlayer and lightweight coat throughout the year.  It’s got a fun sweater knit print on the outside, with a fleece lining.  This gives him all the performance of fleece, but with an exterior that’s fun (and has a more polished look as well).  

The Coconi Boots are perfect for winter, especially if you have kids who love to stay outside for a long time in the winter.  The waterproof lowers are incredible, especially when kids step into a puddle or a pile of slush.  The velcro closure makes them super easy to get on and off and helps keep them secure for active kids.  

Favorite features of the Reima Northern Fleece

  • Warm enough to wear alone and great for layering on colder days
  • The look of a sweater with the performance of fleece
  • Fun patterns and designs
  • Super soft inside

What we personally love:  The Northern fleece is one of my favorite layering pieces for kids, not only because it looks great but because it’s also so warm and functional.  I was skeptical about the knit outer and didn’t think it would hold up to my rough playing, dirt loving boys, but it’s exceeded my expectations in every way.  The print helps to hide dirt, but it washes up wonderfully, and we just can’t get enough of this layering piece.  

Favorite features of the Coconi Snow Boots

  • Waterproof lowers and water resistant uppers
  • Velcro closure makes them easy to get on and off
  • Wool blend lining keeps feet extra warm

What we personally love: Good snow boots are essential in our family, and these Coconi boots can stand up to our wild boys so well. The kids love that they’re easy to get on and off, so they don’t have to ask for help, and I love that they keep the kids super warm and dry so they can stay outside as long as possible.

Iksplor Merino Wool Base Layers

Merino wool is our favorite material for base layers since the performance is outstanding.  Iksplor Merino Wool base layers are so perfect for kids (and they also just started making some for women as well).  The merino is extra cozy, and the flast lock seams make all the base layers comfortable for kids to wear all day long. 

While many people think of wool as just a winter material, our kids wear their Iksplor base layers year round since they’re so fantastic at regulating their temperature (both hot and cold).  

Favorite features of Iksplor Base Layers

  • Lightweight merino wool is perfect for layering
  • Regulates body temperatures in both cold and hot
  • Flat seams are extra comfortable for sensitive kids
  • Extra length in the arms and legs so kids can wear them longer
  • Naturally odor resistant
  • Sized for infants to adults

What we personally love: One of our kids is pretty sensitive to different materials and clothes construction and prior to wearing Iksplor, he hated all base layers and complained nonstop with everything I tried to dress him in for skiing.  Once we got him a pair of Iksplor layers, he not only stopped complaining, but literally started to wear the around the clock (thank goodness merino is naturally odor resistant).

Stanley Adventure Stainless Steel Food Jar

Saving money on your ski lunch doesn’t have to mean a PB&J smashed into your pocket.  With the Stanley Adventure Food Jar, you can enjoy a warm and delicious meal on the ski hill.  A warm meal always tastes AMAZING after a cold morning on the ski hill, and this food jar makes it all possible.  This food jar is the perfect size for a single light portion or to share a couple of hearty portions.  The lid makes the perfect “bowl” for sharing, and our food always stays warm for the day, even when outside temps are super cold.  

Favorite features of the Stanley Adventure Food Jar

  • 18 oz size is perfect for one big portion or two small
  • Keeps food hot or cold for 12 hours
  • Leakproof!!!!
  • Lid can double as a cup or bowl 
  • Integrated spork holder
  • Small section for dry goods at the top (perfect for crunchy toppings)

What we personally love:  Our kids go CRAZY for a warm ski meal, but paying for a resort lunch for the whole family costs a small fortune.  The Stanley Food Jar has made our ski lunch prep SO EASY!  Since it’s a rare day that everyone wants the same thing, we typically just grab a few different leftovers from the fridge, heat them up, and pack them into our own food jars.  The littles love that they can have hot mac and cheese and I’m partial to a hearty homemade soup, so we’re both happy.  Depending on where we ski, we’ll head to the car for tailgating, or grab a locker on the mountain to leave our food jars in and grab them at lunch time.  

Aurora Heat Reusable Hand and Foot Warmers

Aurora natural fur warmers and newer to us and we’re nothing but impressed so far.  Made of sheared beaver fur, these warmers are velvety soft and amazing at keeping in heat.  There are some days that no matter how well you plan or prepare, kids are just COLD.  While instant hand and foot warmers are tempting, they always seem to be too hot or not warm enough on most days. 

These reusable hand and foot warmers feel soft and plush (and use your own body heat to insulate you), but they are remarkably compact and can even be worn inside of ski boots (though we don’t recommend them for super tight fitting boots).  

Another thing that we love about Aurora Heat is that they are made by indigenous women in northern canada, where they are sharing the craft that’s been handed down for generations to help keep others warm.  Best of all, by buying from Aurora Heat, you’ll know that you’re helping all of these native women to help earn a living wage to support their families!

Favorite features of the Aurora Heat Warmers

  • Comes in sizes for adults and kids
  • Uses your own body heat so you’ll never get burned
  • Super warm
  • Cozy and compact at the same time
  • Supports indigenous women
  • Thin enough for both gloves and boots

What we personally love: We have always struggled with keeping our feet warm in ski boots, so these are a lifesaver.  They pack down surprisingly well, and we just tuck them inside a pair of ski socks on top of the toes, and they keep our feet nice and toasty.  We’ve never felt comfortable putting chemical warmers strapped into our boots (if they get too hot, you’ll get a serious burn), so these seem like the most amazing invention – no wonder indigenous people have been using them for centuries!

Expedition Flags Custom Adventure Flags

While not technically ski gear, this is the coolest ski souvenir that we can think of.  Expedition Flags makes custom flags that are perfect for taking on your family ski trips.  In fact, they’re the perfect addition to any adventure.  Every flag can be personalized to suit your family, so your family adventure flag is as unique as you are.  The idea for these flags came from an adventure loving mom who wanted to help her kids find more connection on their adventures, and it’s the perfect take along on all your ski trips.

Favorite features of Expedition Flags Custom Adventure Flags

  • Easy to take on any trip
  • The perfect way to get the whole family in a photo
  • Great for collecting souvenir pins or patches (pr just photos)
  • Made by an adventure loving mom and her 4 boys
  • Personalized to suit your family

What we personally love:  We take our Expedition Flag on so many of our adventures with us, and it gives us a good excuse to get a photo with the whole family excited to be in the frame.  We often add a fun patch or pin to our family flag and the kids look forward to getting a new ‘decoration’ for the flag instead of other souvenirs.  Our flag is a great way to capture memories and whenever we bring it out, the conversation quickly turns to “remember when…”.

Darn Tough Ski Socks

Ski socks always feel like a bit of a splurge since they’re so much more expensive than regular socks (but totally worth it).  If you want to get the most out of your ski sock investment, get Darn Tough Ski Socks.  Not only do they have some of the best designs for ski socks that we’ve ever seen, but they also come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY!  They fit everyone in our family SO WELL (which is basically every size range you can imagine) and they keep our feet toasty and comfortable all day long.  

Favorite features of Darn Tough Ski Socks

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Fantastic patterns and designs
  • Warm and comfortable
  • Great fitting for both kids and adults

What we personally love: It’s rare that a pair of ski socks in our home will last through more than a couple of seasons without getting holes in them.  That’s no longer a problem with Darn Tough socks.  They are amazing quality and last so much longer than other ski socks.  When we’re buying ski socks for our large family, we’d much rather purchase clothing that’s guaranteed to last, and that’s exactly what we get with Darn Tough.  As a mom, I love that these socks will last through several kids so we can keep passing them down to get the maximum use out of them with minimal waste.

Outdoor Master Ski Goggles and Helmets

It can be difficult to find brands that make high quality gear at budget prices, but Outdoor Master has done just that with their goggles and helmets.  While it might be easy to dismiss them as just a “budget brand”, we’ve found the quality of their goggles and helmets for both kids and adults to be great.  The Lollipop goggles are fantastic for kids and the Pro Goggles are great for larger faced adults and teens.  

While it doesn’t have MIPS, if you’re looking for a good quality, budget priced helmet, the Kelvin helmet is hard to beat. It’s got an adjustable dial, comes in a wide range of sizes, and has a color to suit just about everyone.

Favorite features of Outdoor Master Lollipop Goggles

  • Fits kids from 2-9 well
  • Affordable
  • High quality and great clarity
  • Resists scratches better than other goggles

What we personally love:  Our boys are HARD on gear, and often forget to take proper care of things (no matter how much I remind them).  I truthfully got them OUtdoor Master goggles thinking that they’d be a cheap pair to last a season and then we’d replace them when they were more responsible with something higher quality.  It only took a couple of days to realize that these goggles were actually AMAZING QUALITY (and I forced them to treat them like $100).  

Favorite features of Outdoor Master Kelvin Helmet

  • Most affordable ski helmet
  • Dial adjustment for the perfect fit
  • Comes in 13 colors
  • Good airflow

What we personally love: Our teenage son is hands down our most risk taking child and last year, he chose an Outdoor Master helmet for the season.  Not only was it a great deal, but it fit well and we never had any problems with it for the entire season.  The quality was great and it’s the best budget priced ski helmet we’ve found.

The Ski Pack

The struggle of getting kids AND their skis from the car to the hill is REAL!  That’s why 10-year-old twins invented The Ski Pack.  They wanted to find a way to make getting their skis to the hill easier, and boy did they come up with a great idea.  The Ski Pack is a simple backpack that holds kids skis while they walk.  The pack is super small and can be folded down and stored in a pocket while you’re out skiing for the day.  

Favorite features of The Ski Pack

  • Makes carrying skis super easy
  • Packs up small enough to store in a coat pocket
  • Works great for kids from 3-12

What we personally love:  Our youngest two kids always want to be independent like their older siblings, even if they don’t have the skills.  They were both too small to carry their own skis all the way from the car, but getting help would often result in tears of frustration.  The Ski Pack let them feel independant and also made mom and dads job of getting everyone to the hill easier.  Our youngest started using The Ski Pack when he was just 3-years-old.

SnoStrip Magnetic Ski Holder

Getting skis in and out of the car usually feels awkward…until the SnoStrip came along.  No more laying out all your skis all over the parking lot or leaning them up against the car only to have them fall and scratch your paint job.  We LOVE that the SnoStrip can keep your skis upright to protect both the skis, the cars, and any innocent bystanders!

Favorite features of the SnoStrip Ski Holder

  • Magnetic strips attach securely to the car
  • Stays on the car while driving  
  • Keeps skis upright

What we personally love:  Getting skis off the car and passed out it always a struggle for our family.  We’re either making a mess of the parking lot by laying all the skis down (which someone always trips over), or we’re leaning them up against the car, where they usually fall over (leaving us with so many car scratches).  We love that the SnoStrip is simple and easy and to get on and off, and best of all is easy for all the kids to prop their skis up against!

Phoozy Thermal Insulating Phone Case

No one wants a phone with a dead battery in the cold, right?!?  The Phoozy is a great little pouch that helps to insulate your phone so that the battery lasts longer on super cold days.  We’ve tried several of their pouches and they all seem to work equally well, and not having the frustration of a dead battery makes this purchase well worth the money.

Favorite features of the Phoozy Insulated Phone Case

  • Insulates phones to preserve battery life
  • Easy to get phones in and out
  • Works for a wide variety of phone models

What we personally love:  Our teens have pretty old hand-me-down phones, so the battery is struggling on a normal day.  Before the Phoozy, they would always end the day with a dead phone and a frustrated mom who couldn’t find them.  The Phoozy gave us just enough boost throughout the day to keep their phones alive so that we could always know where they are, even when we’re not together.  It’s a simple product that made our ski days much less stressful!

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Happy Skiing!!!

Written by Jessica Averett

Hi, I'm Jessica! After meeting my husband on a chairlift, we now live in the mountains of Utah with our 5 kids. As a former ski instructor and mom, I'm here to help you make your family ski trips as easy, and FUN, as possible!