7 Amazing Waterproof Snow Pants For Kids

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Winter has finally arrived, and it’s time to get all your kids ski gear ready to roll!

We know you are all pumped up to enjoy winters with your kids which is exactly why we are here to help you choose the best ski gear for your kids.  Here at Skiing Kids, we are big believers in the saying “There’s no bad weather, just bad clothing”, and good kids ski pants are absolutely essential.

There are a few pieces of kids ski clothes that we think are especially important to be waterproof, namely kids snow pants and kids mittens and gloves absolutely need to be waterproof  

Now that you are all ready to get your hands on the best waterproof snow pants for kids, we’ve put together a list of some of our top favorite brands of waterproof snow pants for kids.

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You’ll also want to make sure that your kid has a great coat. We’ve reviewed the best winter coats here and best ski coats for kids as well. If your kid doesn’t love the 2 two-piece snow pants and ski coat combo, check out our review of the best kids snowsuits.

Important Features in the Best Waterproof Kids Snow Pants

Whenever you plan on buying snow pants for kids, there are a few factors that you must consider:

· Waterproofing for snow pants

· Snow pant insulation 

· Vents, pockets and zippers on snow pants.

Waterproofing for Kids Ski Pants

The most important thing to consider when buying snow pants for kids is how waterproof the kids snow pants are. When you are buying snow pants for kids, you need to check how waterproof the pants are.  Since you will be using these ski pants for kids while skiing and snowboarding, you want to make sure that they are really waterproof since kids tend to get the most wet on their legs an backside while playing in the snow.  Good waterproof ski pants prevent kids from getting too wet in these areas. Look for a waterproof range from 10,000 mm to 20000 mm DWR for better waterproofing.  If a brand doesn’t specifically state their waterproof rating, it may be a good idea to buy a brand that shares that information!  Remember, not all waterproof coatings are created equal!

Breathability of Kids Snow Pants 

Make sure the snow pants are not only insulated and waterproof, but also breathable. The better breathability it provides, the more comfortable your kid will be. Breathable snow pants will make sure there is no overheating and sweat build up.  WHile it’s important to make sure that our kids are warm while they are outside skiing, remember that getting too hot and really sweaty, will usually result in cold kids once that sweat cools down.  N

Vents and pockets on Kids Snow Pants 

The vents and pockets are important snow pant features, especially for kids as they get older.  Pockets are great as it’s gives kids a place to stash their snacks and other items, and also allows kids to have more freedom.  As our kids get older and we allow them to ski independently (with a buddy of course), we always have them carry a snack, a phone or walkie talkie, and some cash with them.  

I also notice that when my kids get to be around age 8 (especially my boys), their legs can get REALLY HOT while skiing.  When you are getting the snow pants for the kids, check if it has a thigh vent. The thigh vents will actually keep the flow of the air running and will also make sure that your kid stay comfortable while wearing their snow pants. Moreover, with the vent, the airflow is better, and there is no sweat build up. 

The Best Prices on Kids Snow Pants

While price is not the most important factor when you’re choosing a pair of kids snow pants, it does still need to be considered. Even if there are all the features, you will still need to look at the price range. If you’re just going to be in the snow for a week long ski vacation with kids, then you might not want to invest as much as someone who lives in the mountains and wears their snow pants several times a week.

However, it’s also important to think about how long you want the kids ski pants to last.  I have 5 kids and I know that if I buy high quality gear for my oldest child, then I can reuse most of that gear for my other kids as they grow up.  Truthfully, I’ve never regretted buying more expensive snow gear for our kids (despite being very frugal), and usually regret buying cheap gear!

I bought my son a cheap boys winter coat from Target when he was 3 and he always came inside wet and complaining in the winter – HUGE MISTAKE!  NOW, I always make sure that our kids have high quality coats, boots, snow pants and gloves every winter (and if you can’t afford to buy new, make sure to waterproof old gear with this waterproofing spray).

We compiled the list of the best options for kids ski pants that are waterproof and designed to keep your kids dry and warm while skiing. 

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Shred Dog Elevated Ski Pants + HUGE DISCOUNT BELOW!!


  • Ventilation zippers on the legs
  • Can be converted from a bib to a snow pant and back
  • Length can easily be adjusted to be both longer and shorter.
  • Reinforced instep, hem, and knees
  • Most waterproof snowpants available


  • More expensive, but absolutely worth the money 

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If you’re looking for waterproof snow pants for kids that are made with top-notch specifications that would impress even the most aggressive adult skiers then you will love Shred Dog Elevated ski pants. Shred Dog  makes ski outerwear specifically designed for kids with the absolute highest standards. These are definitely the most waterproof snow pants that we’ve seen with a 20,000 mm waterproof rating (most brands are only about half of that). 

Another great feature of the Shred Dog Elevated kids ski pants is that they can be worn either as a bib or as just a snow pants since the upper section of the snow pants zips off depending on your child’s personal preference or style.  These kids waterproof snow pants also have a completely reinforced knee and instep to help them last even longer as well as adjustable cuffs that can be adjusted to be both longer and shorter which make these great snow pants for passing up and down between kids are growing into. We also love that these snow pants have plenty of pockets as well as zippers on the legs for ventilation on extra warm days. If you want kids ski pants that are the higheest quality, we think that Shred Dog makes the best waterproof kids ski pants.

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Boulder Gear Bolt Kids Ski Pants


  • Very affordable
  • Multiple colors and design make these fun for kids
  • A great waterproof and breathability ratio
  • Adjustable waistband 
  • 6 pockets
  • Leg zippers for ventilation.


  • None as for now

If you want really great quality kids snow pants but are on a bit of a budget Boulder gear is an excellent option. Our family has been wearing Boulder gear pants and coats for the last eight years and have always been incredibly impressed. They have some of the features that higher-end brands have but at a much more affordable price these snow pants have a 10,000 DWR waterproof rating which means that they’re great for most of the conditions that kids will be in.

Last year my son wore the Boulder Gear Bolt boys snow pants all season long and was really impressed with them. He always stayed warm and dry with these ski pants, and even after being used constantly, they are still in wonderful condition.  We love that the bolt pants have plenty of pockets (6 pockets in total) as well as ventilation zippers for warmer days.

Columbia Ice Slope Insulated Pants


  • Very affordable 
  • Multiple colors available which are great for kids
  • Waterproof
  • Multiple sizes also available
  • Insulated against colder temperatures


  • It doesn’t have additional zippers for ventilation

These kids’ snow pants from Columbia are great in terms of both style and quality.  

These snow pants are a bit baggy and can be a little bit long on shorter kits however you can always roll them up words.  Columbia makes great quality kid’s outerwear and these pants are no different. Filled with 60 grams of Microtemp XF II insulation they do a great job of keeping kids warm even on extra cold days. the best part of the Columbia ice slope insulated pants is the waterproofing on the outside. 

These snow pants are quite waterproof, keeping you dry and warm from the chilly water. These ski pants for kids are made of waterproof material on the outside and lined with taffeta for comfort on the inside.  The outer material of the pants is 100% Nylon Hydra Cloth 3000 fabric. 

 Although these pants don’t have any additional outer zippers for ventilation there are two front pockets and a handy cargo pocket on the side which is great for kids to store all of their things in.

Helly Hansen Vertical Snow Pants


  • Adjustable leg length both up and down
  • Waterproof 
  • Fabric is reinforced on the seat, knees, and bottoms of the legs
  • Fleece Insulated upper


  • No extra pockets
  • No zippers for insulation

Helly Hansen vertical snow pants are actually snow bibs so if your kids like a little bit more coverage these are an excellent choice. We prefer bibs for kids who are younger or for kids who are more aggressive in their skiing or their outdoor play since it tends to insulate them better and keep them warmer and helps keep snow from going down their pants.  These snow pants for kids are adjustable both up and down so they’re prefect for both growing into as well as passing down to younger kids.  

Helly Hansen vertical snow pants are well-insulated to keep your kids warm during the cold and the top of it is especially great for keeping kids insulated because it is made of Polartec material to keep their core warm. The bottom of the pants is completely waterproof which makes it great for kids who will be sitting or playing in the snow a lot.  These kids waterproof snow pants are a great choice if you’re looking for snow bibs for younger kids but they don’t have as many bells and whistles as many of the other brands that we’re featuring here.

Marmot Edge Kids Snow Pants


  • Removable suspenders provide two styles
  • Adjustable length pants so that kids can grow into them
  • ZIppers on the side pockets as well as a cargo pocket in the front for storage


  • No ventilation zippers
  • A bit more expensive

Marmot is well known for making great outerwear across-the-board and we’re thrilled to see that they have some excellent snow pants for kids. The Marmot Edge kids snow pants are great because kids can wear them as regular snow pants or if they need some extra support they can wear them with the attached suspenders so their pants stay put as their skiing throughout the day.

These pants are completely insulated and her great for kids to grow into with their grow cuffs to help extend the length of the snow pants. These pants are also fully waterproof so that your kids can enjoy skiing or playing in the snow without getting wet in it on the inside of the pants. Another great feature of the Marmot Edge snow pants is that they have a snap and zip closure at the waist so that kids can get a great fit no matter how big their waist size is.

Spyder Vixen Girls Snow Pants


  • Lots of color options
  • 10,000 DWR waterproof rating
  • Hem can extend a full inch
  • Adjustable waist


  • No extra ventilation 

Spider is a well-known name in the ski outerwear industry. The spider Vixen pants are only for girls and the girly colors of the snow pants will make them stand out and really appeal to girls with the more fitted and feminine cut.  These pants also have four pockets which are great for kids who are skiing independently or who always want to take extra things with them. The hem of these pants can also be extended a full inch making these a great set of pants to be able to grow into and hopefully last more than one season. These pants not only have a 10,000 DWR waterproof rating but they also have 60 grams of Thinsulate insulation which means that they will not only keep your kids dry but they will keep them warm as well.

Tobe Novus Bib Snow Pants


  • Large pockets
  • Incredibly durable material
  • Reinforced seams 
  • Boot band is replaceable


  • Not as breathable as other brands

The Tobe Novus snow pants bib Is virtually indestructible. These are 100% waterproof and 100% windproof so if you have a kid that always seems to find a way to get wet no matter what sort of clothing you put them in they are the best snow pants that you can buy. These waterproof kids snow pants are a bib style of snow pants with adjustable suspenders that also have elastic cuffs around the bottom so that snow doesn’t get in either on the top or the bottom.

Tobe is known for being a producer of high-quality outerwear that is significantly thicker stronger and more durable than most other brands out there. Although the cost of Tobe waterproof snow pants for kids can be quite high, if you need something that’s going to last and be 100% waterproof no matter what conditions your child is in these are the pants to get.


Now that you have checked all the best waterproof snow pants for kids, decide which pair suits your childs preferences and style best, and get outside and enjoy winter together.