7 Best Utah Ski Resorts For Kids

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If you’re planning a ski vacation, why not go somewhere claiming to have “The Greatest Snow on Earth”?  In Utah, you’ll find no shortage of ski resorts, and the best part is that most of them are incredibly accessible. There’s really no place quite like it.

If you’re looking to take your family on a ski trip, Utah should be at the top of your list for destinations to consider.  Not only are most of Utah’s resorts super close to the airport, but many of them get over 500” of light fluffy snow every year.  Combine that with Utah’s family friendly atmosphere, and you’ve got the perfect place for a family ski trip.  

Why Should You Ski In Utah?

I may be biased since we live in Utah, but I’m fully convinced that Utah is the absolute best place to ski in the United States. In fact, it’s one of the main reasons that we live where we do. Here are a few great things about skiing in Utah with kids.

  • Easy access to resorts and very little traffic
  • Super family friendly vibe at all resorts
  • Amazing advanced ski terrain right next to beginner terrain
  • Affordable prices for lift tickets and lessons
  • Kids ski free at many resorts
  • Proximity to major cities allows you to stay in affordable lodging without paying resort prices for everything.

Here are our top 7 favorite ski resorts in Utah, to suit a wide variety of ski styles and vacation needs:
For detailed information on all the best Utah ski deals, head here.


Location: Big Cottonwood Canyon, Solitude, Utah

Adult Ticket Price: Regular | $115/ Peak | $125
Child Ticket Price: Regular – Junior (8-12) | $69 Youth (5-7) | $45 Peak – Junior ( 8-12) | $75 Youth (5-7) | $49

Full-Day Ski Lesson for Kids:
Explorers (7-12) Regular = $150/ Peak = $175
Junior Explorers (5-6) Regular = $160/ Peak = $190

skiing during covid ski lift

Solitude is exactly what the name suggests. Calm, peaceful, and easy-going – the resort offers the perfect place for a family to reconnect and get away from the hustle & bustle of daily life. It also happens to be our families personal favorite resort and you’ll find us skiing here weekly throughout the winter (stop us and say “hi”!

This rustic resort also lies off the beaten path and is a bit smaller than other Utah skiing destinations, so it never gets too busy, which is so fantastic when skiing with kids. Don’t mistake that the resort is smaller than some of the mega ski resorts for any sort of inferiority.  Solitude has a bit of everything and a good amount of advanced terrain to keep mom and dad happy too.  

Beginning skiers will enjoy spending most of their time on the Link and Moonbeam lifts.  These lifts have the majority of the beginner ski trails on the mountain and they both start right at the Moonbeam lodge so you’re perfectly situated to be able to run inside for a hot chocolate break.  

If you’ve got intermediate skiers, Eagle and Apex are where you’ll want to ski.  My kids spend a good amount of their time tearing it up on those lifts and I love that I can let them ski there, while I’m skiing the beginner terrain with our youngest and they can easily come and check in with me.  

For advanced intermediate skiers, Summit lift is a little slice of heaven.  The lift is a bit higher than the other lifts I’ve just mentioned so it tends to get more snow and it stays fresh longer.  If you’ve got a kid who just wants to SKI HARD (and on hard terrain), Honeycomb Canyon is the place to be.  The skiing is steep and the powder is deep.  Solitudes Honeycomb Canyon is the stuff Utah ski dreams are made of.  

There’s something for everyone on Solitude mountain, swift lifts, so the kids don’t have to lug their gear anywhere, carefully-groomed powdered bowls and even blue squares to practice the tougher skills. And kids just love the ticket tracking system that lets them track their ski times from one end of a slope to the next.

But the thing parents will be delighted to hear is that children under 6 ski for free, making Solitude a good budget option. Plus, it’s one of the few resorts in Utah that has a base village so all restaurants, lodging, and evening activities are within walkable distance.

Snowbird Ski Resort

Location: Little Cottonwood Canyon, Salt Lake County

Adult Ticket Price: Adult | $160
Child Ticket Price: Youth (7-12) | $101
Kids (6 and under) | Free

Full-Day Ski Lesson for Kids: Age (4-6) | $235
Age (7-15) | $195

Snowbird is considered a relatively advanced family-skiing resort due to its steeper slopes and less forgiving terrain. However, that doesn’t mean that anyone in the family will have to miss out on that zipping through the snow feeling. There’s plenty of courses and instructors available to help everyone’s skills get up to par! Camp snowbird even offers all-day kid skiing lessons within the on-resort hotel for convenience.  

If you’ve got a beginner, you’ll want to start out on the Chickadee lift, which is right next to the lodge making it super convenient.  Wilber, Mid Gad and Baby Thunder all have great skiing for beginning and intermediate skiers, so even though Snowbirds claim to fame is it’s steep terrain, it’s a huge resort with something for everyone.  

There are plenty of games and activities for kids to try, such as tubing and snowshoeing. And after a long day, parents can relax in the Care Spa while kids are occupied at skiing school – perfect!

And if that’s not enough to convince you Snowbird is the right resort for you and your family, keep in mind that 2 kids can stay free for every 1 paying adult.  

Snowboard and Atla are considered sister resorts since they’re literally right next to each other.  However, they’re not sectioned off from each other. At Snowbird, you can get that European feels of skiing from one resort to another, only a few minutes away.

If you’re looking for a resort to really challenge the advanced skiers in your family, while still having a great place for beginners, Snowbird is as good as it gets!


Location: Little Cottonwood Canyon Rd, Alta, Utah

Adult Ticket Price: Online = Adult | $82-119 Window = Adult | $125 
Child Ticket Price: Online = Child | $52-62 Window = Child | $65

Full-Day Ski Lesson for Kids: Beginner Age (4-12) | $160
Advanced age (4-12) | $150  Advanced age (7-14) | $155

kids skiing grand targhee

Speaking of Atla, tucked away in the Cottonwood canyon side by side with Snowbird, it’s another resort with a soft spot for families. Ask any avid skier about Atla, and they’ll have a fond story to tell about their stay here. Considered a veritable paradise of winter sports, Atla attracts thousands of skiing enthusiasts to its slopes every year.

Take note though, Alta (like Deer Valley) only allows skiers and forbids snowboarding.  

If you’re looking for the cheapest way to learn to ski in Utah, Sunnyside at 3 program allows you to ride the Sunnyside beginner lift from 3-4:30 daily for only $15/day or $49 for a season pass.

Atla, steeped in history, has a more classical feel than Snowbird but isn’t any less delightful for families. If you’re staying in the lodging at Alta, there is a game room and outdoor pool for the younger kids to enjoy while the older kids can relax in the kid-friendly hot tubs. Meanwhile, parents can pop over to the on-resort Gulch’s après-ski pub or kick back in the spa.

There are plenty of toast lounges and living rooms for the whole family to get together after a long day of excitement!

Powder Mountain

Location: Powder Mountain Rd, Eden, Utah

Adult Ticket Price: $99
Child Ticket Price: Age (7-12) | $55

Full-Day Ski Lesson for Kids: TBA

Powder Mountain is often referred to as Utah’s best-kept secret. It’s expansive 8,000 acres of snow-covered fun is a go-to spot for locals. Its rustic village may be quiet and next to tourist-less, but that’s what makes its many slopes, glades, and hills great to learn on.

And kids will learn! There are several half-day, full-day, and one-hour courses that teach kids of all levels to ski and snowboard. But if you want to take a full-day for exploring wide and far as a family, you don’t need expert skills to do so. Lifts cover 3,000 acres of the resort while another 3,000 can be covered by on a snowcat – how fun!

The Powder Club and Powder Tykes programs available at the resort offer a wide range of fun activities for kids to dive into. Also, there’s no need to worry if you’re a large family. At Powder resort, you can book accommodation with up to six beds!

Deer Valley Resort

Location: Park City, Utah

Adult Ticket Price: $189
Child Ticket Price: (Ages 0-4) | $45 (Ages 5- 12) | $120

Full-Day Ski Lesson for Kids: N/A (Half-day) | $180/$190/$200

At Deer Valley Resort, you’re in for a first-class skiing experience. Your whole family will enjoy being pampered while getting to zip through some of the most well-kept and finest slopes around – there’s a reason the skiing section of the winter Olympics were once hosted here, as well as yearly competitions on the national ski circuit.

Receiving regular 5-star ratings for both staff and lodgings, Deer Valley offers only the best (with prices that go along with that). You’ll be treated to a valet system by which an employee will help you carry your heavy gear to whatever slope you wish. Moreover, there is a complimentary shuttle and car that’ll take you wherever you wish you in the resort.

Deer Valley Resort offers beautiful lodgings and spacious condos for families that look out over the rolling slopes. On-resort Ski School also offers ski lessons and daycare for younger kids and more intensive classes for older kids.

Note: Deer Valley will not offer childcare during the 2020-21 ski season.

Park City Resort

Location: Park City, Utah 

Adult Ticket Price: (Ages 13+) | $133
Child Ticket Price: (Ages 5 -12) | $69

Full-Day Ski Lesson for Kids: TBA

Park City Resort is famously renowned for its world-class terrain, sophistication, and accessibility – even being ranked as America’s most accessible resort. Adding to its long list of praiseworthy features are its Olympic caliber runs and canyon-side skiing (a favorite among families.)

However, what makes Park City Resort irresistible to families is that the town of Park City runs right through it. Seriously, teenagers and tweens alike will love exploring historic downtown Park City while the rest of the family can kick back canyon-side. There’s also the option of enjoying the nearby amenities of the two ski-in ski-out villages.

But, if you’re looking for a little more action, try out one of the on-site alpine coasters! The additional options of horse-drawn sleigh rides, dog sledding, and even snowmobiling are sure to put a smile on the whole family’s faces! Oh, and don’t forget! There’s a Ski School available for kids from 4 years old up until 14 years old.

In terms of refinement, it suffices to say that the entire resort is covered by a $50 million passenger gondola that carries up to 8 people.


Location: Snow Basin Rd, Huntsville, Utah 

Adult Ticket Price (13 – 64): $149-$169
Child Ticket Price: (7 – 12) : $99-$119

Full-Day Ski Lesson for Kids: TBA

kid skiing in utah

Snowbasin may have hosted the Olympic speed events, and it’ll host your family too. Seriously, no need to worry about challenging or frightening terrain; of course, your little daredevils have the option of zipping through them, but, for those safer skiers, there’s also plenty to pick from.

For beginners, you’ll want to have them start on the Little Cat lift, but Becker is a good step up once they’ve mastered the basics of skiing.  

And they’re well-kept at a world-class level; Snowbasin is credited as having the best snow-making standards in the whole Utah. But what makes Snowbasin the premier ski resort for kids is the vast number of all-day activities and programs available for them. These programs accept kids as young as 6 months old; however, there’s also licensed daycare available on-resort.

If your kids want to brush up or improve their skills, certified instructors are available to help them do just that! Snowbasin’s stylish look can even be enjoyed from the many on-mountain lodgings or one of the three Gondola lifts in place.

So, when hunting down the best places to bring your kids for a winter getaway that they’ll never forget – A Utah resort might just be the top pick for you!

Also, while you’re there, make sure to check out the lodge and the restrooms in the basement.  They are seriously out of this world amazing and will put all other resort restrooms to shame!