17 Totally Awesome Ski Gifts For Kids

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Getting ski gifts for kids and teens can be a tricky task. There are so many ski-related items available to choose from that it can be hard to find the right one! We have compiled a list of 25 ski gifts that will make your shopping experience much easier. From apparel to ski gear, we’ve got you covered with great gift ideas for young skiers in your life!

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Best Ski Gifts For Kids
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Skiing Kids Hat

Have kids who love to share their love of skiing all year round? Get them a Skiing Kids trucker hat. Perfect to throw on for a quick apres-ski dinner (to hide your helmet hair), or for sharing your love of skiing on all of your other adventures too!

Darth Vader Insulated Bottle

We all know that the best way to end a ski day is with hot cocoa, but paying $7 a cup for resort hot cocoa can add up FAST! We love this insulated bottle from Stanley because it does a fantastic job of keeping cocoa for the kids warm, and the kids are obsessed with the cool design.

Ski Legos

We love giving our kids Legos for gifts, and they always get lots of use during the cold winter months. Feed your kids love of skiing with a ski-themed Lego set. This ski jump set is our favorite because not only does it include a ski lift, but the ski jumper himself! It’s also challenging enough to keep your kids engaged for hours. Lego now has several different ski Lego sets, including Lego Friends ski sets, so here are some of our favorites (these sell out FAST so get them early).

Playmobile Ski Town

If your kids aren’t fans of building blocks, consider giving them another ski-themed toy. We love the Playmobile ski lodges and ski playsets. They come with ski slopes that kids can build, and ski lifts to take skiers up the ski hill. These are great for imaginative play (we know our daughter loves to “rescue” people on her ski lift), or you can set it all up at once and let your kids enjoy hours of fun playing pretend.

Toy Skis for Backyard Fun

If you get a lot of snow where you live, consider getting your younger kids some play skis. These skis have plastic edges and strap onto your kids’ snow boots. They are so much fun for kids to ski in the backyard, and to keep their love of skiing alive on days that you just can’t get to the ski hill.

Finger Ski Toy

If you have a kid that’s always dreaming up fun tricks to do on their skis, they’ll love this finger ski toy set. Kids can attach the tiny skis to their fingers and make them do lots of little tricks. It’s a simple toy, but you’ll be surprised at how long it keeps kids entertained. Our oldest has a similar toy that’s a skateboard and he always has it in his pocket for whenever there’s downtime (such a good alternative to screen time).

Storm Trooper Food Jar

As long as we’re talking about warm food and Star Wars, kids will also LOVE this insulated food jar with its Storm Trooper design. Whether you want to bring along some hot soup for lunch on your ski day, or maybe just some warm mac and cheese, this kids food jar from Stanley will make bringing your own lunch to the ski hill cool again!

Ski Artwork

If you have a kids who loves to ski, get them some artwork for their room. We love these ski printables from Etsy, because you can print them any size you want and get a frame to match your existing decor(we use our local UPS store and it’s a great deal). Best of all, there are versions available for both girl skiers and boy skiers. It’s a ski gift that can keep on giving long after the ski day is over.


It may not be the most exciting gift, but every ski kid needs some chapstick to protect their lips on the slopes. Nothing is worse than ski kids complaining that their lips are hurting, so make sure they’re prepared with some ski chapstick. Our kids are very prone to chapped, bleeding lips and the best we’ve found is just classic Chapstick with SPF included. We always throw a few in the kids stockings each year.

New Ski Clothes

We love gifting our kids new ski clothing whenever we can. It’s the best way to keep them warm, and ski companies are always coming out with new ski styles that kids love, so it’s fun to keep their gear up to style.

If your child already has some ski clothing, consider getting an accessory like a ski beanie or gloves. Take a look at what they have prior to the season and see what needs to be replaced or updated.

Kids Ski Coats

shred dog outerwear for kids

We are huge fans of Shred Dog ski coats for kids. The hard shells are the most waterproof outerwear we’ve found for kids skiing, with a 20,000 waterproof rating, and the insulator puffy jackets are perfect for layering or wearing alone in cool weather. Their ski coats come in lots of fun bright colors, and we are HUGE fans of them. Use code BTK25 for 25% off your order or BTK35 for 35% off any orders over $400.

Ski Socks

Theses make the perfect cheap ski gift, because who can have too many pairs of ski socks. Our kids ski in ski socks every day, so they always need more. We love these ski socks from Smartwool because they fit kids feet SO WELL and never seem to slide down or stretch out. If you need socks check out our favorites.

New Snow Boots

If your kids love skiing, then surely other winter activities follow closely behind, and a new pair of snow boots will be one of their most used pieces of outdoor winter gear. We love these boots from Reima that have incredible traction, are waterproof AND are great in really cold temperatures.

Uuse code BRINGKIDS15 for 15% at Reima

Stylish Goggles

If you want to add some WOW to your kids ski outfit, the easiest and most affordable way to do that is with some new ski goggles. We love these ski goggles for girls and these for boys.

Cool Buff

Want a cheap ski gift for kids that they’re sure to use? Grab them a new buff. We love that Buffs are really affordable winter gifts and with so many print and color options, is easy to get something personalized for your ski kids!

Rocky Talkies

There’s a delicate balance between keeping tabs on your kids on the ski hill and giving them a little bit of independence. That’s why we love Rocky Talkies. The 2-way radios are designed for cold, extreme conditions, so you can always be in touch with your kids wherever they are on the ski hill. We love that they can attach with a clip on the outside of kids’ ski gear so they don’t have to unzip a pocket to try and talk. These little radios can handle anything you can throw at them. Now you don’t have to worry about lack of cell service or phone batteries dying in the cold to keep you in contact on the ski hill. They’re not cheap, but they’re one of the best investments you can make in your ski family. This is the best ski gift for kids, hands down!

Hand Warmers

Do your kid’s hands get cold too easily when you’re outside skiing? ! Hand warmers can be a ski gift that they will appreciate for sure! We love these hand warmers because they’re small enough to fit inside a pair of gloves or mittens, AND they’re reusable. While most other reusable hand warmers are too big to fit inside of kid’s gloves, these are the perfect fit for smaller hands. These ski hand warmer pairs perfectly with ski gloves or any other cold-weather gear your kids want to wear while skiing.

Rub On Ski Wax

Have a kid who’s obsessed with skiing fast, but you don’t have time to constantly get their skis waxed? Try this rub on ski wax. It simply rubs on and then buffs off, and is so easy that kids can do it on their own since there’s no heat required.

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Snow Toys

Not seeing quite what you’re looking for yet? If your kid loves skiing, they probably love playing in the snow too! Check out our list of 35 Ridiculously Fun Snow Toys for some great winter play ideas!

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