23 Incredible Skiing Books for Kids, Teens, and Adults

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It’s ski season, and it is time to get the ski books out! We will be discussing 35 of the best ski books for kids, teens, and adults. Whether you are an advanced skier or just starting out, there is a book for you.

A good ski book is one of the best ways to get excited about skiing and to deepen your love of the sport. Whether you’re looking for a fun book about skiing to entertain you, an inspiring feat of ski legends, or even a ski instruction book you’ll find a little bit of something for everyone below. Whether you’re wanting some inspiration to ski harder terrain, a few lessons in ski safety, inspiration for your little ones first time skiing, or maybe just a fun read, you’ll find it below.

best ski books for all ages

A-B-Skis: An alphabet book about the magical world of skiing

Best for ages 3-7

A-B-Skis is a fun overview of skiing that will get young kids hyped for winter skiing. Adults enjoy sharing their passion for skiing, and youngsters are counting the days until they can go again to the mountains. A-B-Skis is designed to pique children’s interest in skiing. Every letter of the alphabet is represented with a fun rhyme and an exciting illustration. We love this ski book for toddlers little kids.

Sonder The Snow Snake

Best for Ages 3-8

Children will be delighted to meet Sonder The Snow Snake, a cute, fuzzy snake who lives in the snowy mountains with his wise Grandslither. Sonder wants to play on the slopes. But Grand Slither says he needs lessons first. Sonder doesn’t listen, though, until he has a bad crash. Sonder learns about the importance of practice and patience. He also learns to enjoy life, even it is cold. Adults and children can all learn from Sonder in this great book for kids about skiing.


Best for Ages 2-7

Dr. Seuss’ timeless Beginner Book, which has been delighting readers for decades, is a beautiful winter ode. P. D. Eastman and Roy McKie’s Snow will have young readers itching for the kind of fun only a wintry-white day can provide, from snowball fights and skiing to fort construction and snowman making.

Teach Your Giraffe to Ski 

Best for Ages 2-6

In Teach Your Giraffe to Ski, a humorous tale about a giraffe who really wants to ski down the Big Scary Slope but isn’t a good enough skier yet. This hilarious book follows you along as you try and reign in the courageous giraffe all over the ski slope.

Bunny Slopes

Best for Ages 2-6

Bunny Slopes is a fun and interactive ski book for parents to read aloud to young kids. Readers will enjoy Claudia Rueda’s creative bookmaking as much as skiing down a hill and as satisfying as a warm cup of cocoa, because it is full of twists and turns to make them laugh with each turn of the page.

Just a Snowy Vacation

Best for Ages 3-8

If you loev Mercer Mayers Little Critters, then this is the perfect kids ski book for you. It’s time to go sledding and ice-skating with the Little Critters once again! This winter-themed book is sure to be a hit with little children who love winter.

Skiing coloring book for kids

Best for Ages 3-10

If your kid has a love of both skiing and coloring, this coloring book is perfect for them. This affordable kids ski coloring book has 50 pages filled with fun ski scences for kids to color.

Learning to Ski with Mr. Magee

Best For Ages 4-8

Are your kids fans of Mr Magee? One winter morning, Mr. Magee and his tiny dog, Dee, go out to learn how to ski. However, a run-in with a curious moose sends them flying through the air and dangling above an abyss! Check this book out to disciver how they get out of this tricky situation, in a book that will thrill fun loving Mr Magee fans.

The Adventure Friends: Ski Day

Best for ages: 5-7

The Adventure Friends have a great day on the ski slopes! On an exciting powder day, four animal pals ski with each other and end the afternoon by sharing warmth around a campfire. The characters are named Gnarwhal, Radypus, Pow Cow, and Shreddy Bear, all of which have names that incorporate outdoor themes. This is a fun ski book for kids!

Squirrels on Skis

Best for Ages 5-8

This new Beginner Book is all about crazy skiing squirrels and is the perfect ski book for beginner readers. In true beginner book style, the series was originally created by Dr Seuss, the squirrels get a little crazy and so much fun follows. This book will have your kids giggling nonstop at this funny beginner ski book.

The Little Rippers: Volume 1: Here Come the Little Rippers!

Best for Ages 7-10

Max and Molly Beckett are excited to spend their annual ski holiday with their grandpa at Powderhound Mountain. However, when they arrive, Grandpa reveals that he enrolled them in the Little Rippers skiing club. Max and Molly are concerned about keeping up with the other kids in the group. After making a wrong turn on the slope, the Little Rippers are whisked away on an mysterious journey. This is a great ski book for kids about persistence and friendship both on and off the ski hill.

Mystery at the Ski Jump (Nancy Drew #29)

Best for Ages 8-12

What tween doesn’t love a good Nancy Drew Ski Novel for girls? Nancy learns that the Drews’ housekeeper has been duped by an elegantly dressed lady into purchasing a stolen fur item, and the young detective begins looking for the devious swindler. Nancy is amazed to find that the woman uses her own name. Nancy becomes the prime suspect when her fraudulent activities point the finger at herself and she is investigated by police. Nancy’s adventure to clear her name continues in this thrilling mystery as she solves the riddle and exposes the impostor.

Skiing: An Adult Coloring Book

Best for Ages 10+

If you love skiing and also love to relax with coloring, this is the book for you. Packed full of detailed ski scenes to color, the 60 coloring pages in here might just keep you busy all winter long! This is a great ski coloring book to wind down with after a long day on the slopes.

Climb to Conquer: The Untold Story of WWII’s 10th Mountain Division 

Best for ages 13+

During the 1930s, rock climbing and downhill skiing were relatively new sports in the United States. World War II, on the other hand, produced a need for males who could withstand severe altitudes and extreme conditions — and the elite 10th Mountain Division was formed. It was the first and only United States Army division trained in snow and rock, as well as the only one ever to emerge from a sport. The 10th Infantry Division, which had an unmatched number of professionals athletes, college students, and prospective officer candidates, and as the final US division to enter the European War suffered the highest casualties per combat day. This is the tale of a group of American soldiers that won’t be forgotten easily.

Secrets of the Greatest Snow on Earth

Best for Ages 13+

Utah has long boasted of having the world’s greatest snow, and the state even owns the phrase. In Secrets of the World’s Greatest Snow, Jim Steenburgh investigates Wasatch weather, debunks myths, explains facts, and explains how and why Utah’s powder holds up to its reputation. If you ever have skied, or wanted to ski Utah, this is a must read! This is a great book to read with your skiing teen.

100 Slopes of a Lifetime: The World’s Ultimate Ski and Snowboard Destinations

Best for Ages 13+

This inspiring ski guide, filled with stunning National Geographic photos, wisdom from experts, vital travel information, and useful advice, provides the greatest ski and snowboarding adventures on breathtaking slopes across the world.

The book is divided by both interest and skill level, so whether you’re looking for cross country routes, intermediate runs, or expert terrain in the backcountry, you’re sure to love this book about skiing.

The Man Behind The Maps

Best for Ages 13+

This gorgeous 292-page hardback coffee table book is the first and definitive collection of James Niehues’ artwork, with over 200 ski resort trail maps painted by one legendary artist. Niehues explains how he creates his detailed paintings in an engaging narrative that compliments the maps. He starts by teaching you how to create a detailed map of Breckenridge, from the ground up. He goes through each and every step, including aerial photographs and numerous pencil sketches, in-progress constructions, and final trail map drawing. The finished product is described in both a foreword written by renowned big-mountain skier Chris Davenport and the statements of other ski industry experts.

Powder Days: Ski Bums, Ski Towns and the Future of Chasing Snow

Best for Ages 13+

This books is written by a former ski bum who takes readers on a thrilling trip back through time to discover how American skiing evolved from an insider’s perspective. Jumping all over the United States, this book profiles people who have built their lives around their obsession of skiing. Along the way, she wonders about skiing’s problems. She also looks at how skiing is changing because of global warming and what the future looks like.

Hunting Powder: A Skier’s Guide to Finding Colorado’s Best Snow

Best for Ages 13+

Colorado is well known for it’s great skiing, so whether or not you’re a Colorado native or you are just wanting to visit, this ski book is for you. The objective of this book is to offer you with a route map for the finest ideas on when and where to ski in Colorado and how to discover and ski as much snow as possible. A great ski book for your next Colorado ski vacation.

Freedom Found: My Life Story

Best for Ages 13+

Do you love watching ski films? Then this ski book all about ski film legend Warren Miller is a must read. Warren Miller has quite the legend being known as the godfather of action-sports film making, skiing’s greatest storyteller, and the founder of ski films. Now, at last, is the conclusion to his incredible life tale—in which what you saw on the big screen is only part of the story. Warren, in this book, talks about secrets from his past and the hard work he did to get the sport he loves to audiences all over the world. This is the best ski book for teens!

Higher Love: Skiing the Seven Summits

Best for Ages 13+

Kit DesLauriers became the first person to ski down each continent’s highest peak after climbing it, making history. Higher Love is a hero’s journey with personal insights, life-threatening situations, and a compelling climax set on Kit DesLauriers’ mission to climb and ski the Seven Summits.

Fifty Places to Ski and Snowboard Before You Die

Best For Ages 15+

Fifty places to ski and snowboard before you die, highlights some of the most epic slopes on the planet. You’ll find destinations from Alaska and Crested Butte to Japan, Chili, Whistler, and even France highlighted here. The thing that will really having you falling in love with this book, and adding to your bucket list is the stunning photography to highlight each destination. This beautiful ski book would make the perfect ski gift for any ski enthusiast.

The Ski House Cookbook: Warm Winter Dishes for Cold Weather Fun

Best For Ages 14+

The Ski House Cookbook makes all your ski meals a reality with 125 recipes that will keep you on the slopes or enjoying some relaxing après ski time. All of the recipes are designed to be simple with minimum prep times so you can ski more and cook less. The green, blue, and black slopes of the difficulty rating correspond to the familiar green dots, blue squares, and black diamonds in each dish to make the book even more fun! This is the best ski cookbook! (Head here for more of our favorite ski recipes).

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