13 Amazing Kids Ski Coats in 2024: Warm + Waterproof

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It’s ski season! Hands down the most used piece of winter gear for kids is their ski coat, so it’s important to buy one that’s really good quality to keep them warm and dry while skiing. To help you narrow down the best kids ski coat this season, we’ve put together a list of the 13 best kids ski coats that are waterproof and will keep your kids warm this winter.

best kids ski coats

Do Kids Need A Ski Coat?

If you’re going to buy your kids a winter coat this year, do yourself a favor and just make it a ski coat. Many kid’s coats are more “fashion coats for kids” and are designed to look good rather than perform well. Kids ski coats, on the other hand, are designed with performance in mind first, meaning that their main purpose is to keep your kids warm and dry. If you ask me, all kids should wear ski coats all winter.

If your kids have a hard time regulating their temperature, we recommend getting them a good puffy jacket or fleece coat and then wearing a shell over the top. This company makes our favorite ski layering outerwear.

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Best Ski Coat Features For Kids

If you’re doing some serious winter play this year, you’ll want a ski coat for kids that has some specific features. Here are the best features that you may want to look for in a kid’s coat for skiing (or even just snow play):

Powder Skirt: While your little one may not be doing any deep powder skiing this winter, a powder skirt on a kids ski jacket is an amazing feature to have. It’s basically an elastic cuff you can snap up in the bottom of your kid’s coat so that snow doesn’t come up from the bottom making them cold. While these are traditionally designed for deep powder days, we find them invaluable for snowboarding and sledding with kids as well.

kids skiing squaw valley

Wrist Gaskets: To keep your kids as warm and dry as possible this winter, you want to keep as much snow as possible OUT of your kid’s ski jacket. One of the best ways to do that is with wrist gaskets. Some jackets have a lycra wrist gasket with thumb holes, others have simple velcro straps or even rubber wrist gaskets. Whatever you choose, make sure that you can tighten the coat around their wrists.

shred dog wrist gasket

Hood: Don’t be fooled – only buy a kid’s coat if it has a hood (even a detachable hood is fine). Weather in the winter can change FAST, and I cannot count the number of times that having a hooded kid coat has saved us in the middle of a storm. While not all coats are, getting a helmet compatible hood is a huge bonus on stormy days.

kids ski hood
Getting a helmet-compatible hood is AMAZING for skiing with kids

Waterproof: Every winter coat for kids needs to be waterproof. Aim for a waterproof rating of at least 10,000 and if you can get a kids winter coat with a 20,000 waterproof rating, you’ll be all set for wet winter conditions. For a more waterproof coat for kids, look for fully taped seams and zippers.

kids skiing at squaw
It’s hard to tell, but it’s actually RAINING on the kids in this photo and they’re all DRY!

Pit Zips: If you have a kid who gets really warm in the winter, or sweats a lot when they ski, you’ll want to make sure to buy a kid’s coat with pit zips. These are exactly like they sound like, zippers that open up in the armpits to provide extra ventilation. These are especially helpful for kids who ski hard and are prone to working up a sweat since they really help them to regulate their body temperature well and not overheat while skiing.

If your kid doesn’t love a 2 piece coat and snow pants combo, check out our review of the Best Snowsuits for Kids.

Reima winter clothes for kids review

Why To SKIP Cheap Ski Coats For Kids

Before I jump in and share the best ski coats for kids, I want to chat about buying cheap ski coats for kids. When our oldest was three years old I bought him an awesome-looking little kids ski coat at Target. It looked like it had some good features and I was thrilled to have found a budget ski coat that he loved the look of.

However, throughout the winter, I noticed that he just couldn’t stay outside very long before getting wet and cold. “That’s normal” I’d tell myself, or “it’s just because he doesn’t like the cold”. Fast forward a few kids, and some lessons learned in buying good gear for our kids and I discovered that getting wet and cold in the snow isn’t normal. The next year, we bought him a REAL ski coat and suddenly he loved being outside in the winter and could stay outside for hours and come inside dry at the end of the day. While it’s tempting to get a kid’s ski coat at Costco or another similar store, you really do get what you pay for.

If you want your kids to stay outside longer and be warmer and drier, invest in a good ski coat for them.

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Best Kids Ski Coats

There are lots of amazing ski coats for kids that are waterproof and extra warm. Decide where you’re going to be spending most of your time this winter when choosing the best ski coat for kids. If you’ll be somewhere that’s really wet, choose one with better waterproofing. If you’ll be in the winter somewhere that’s very cold, insulation will be incredibly important when choosing the best winter coat for kids.

Overall Best Kids Ski Jacket
Akova Hardshell + Insulated Jacket

shred dog kids ski coats
Everyone wearing Shred Dog (now AKOVA) Kids Ski Gear

WaterProof: 20,000 Waterproof Rating
Warmth: Warm down to 0 degrees
Best Features: Helmet-compatible hood, adjustable to go larger and smaller multiple times, ultra waterproof, rubberized wrist gaskets

This is hands down our favorite ski jacket for kids. Akova (formerly Shred Dog) creates amazing quality kid’s ski outerwear that’s designed just with kids in mind. This is truly a one-coat fits all design, and I’m shocked that it works so well for all of my kids from ages 6-16 (though my youngest started wearing it at age 4)! Inside the coats are really customizable with an adjustable fit elastic to make them smaller or bigger (and then small again – just like the waist of kids pants), which gives each kid a custom fit as they grow AND allows it to be passed down. My kids who run warm LOVE the pit zips, and my cooler kids are huge fans of the oversized hood that fits over their ski helmets. As a mom, I love that these coats are super durable, keep the kids warm on cold days, AND are incredibly waterproof kids ski coats.

kids skiing squaw valley

Akova outerwear is built on a layering system so that kids can make their outerwear as warm or cool as they need AND get year-round use out of it. In the winter, our kids typically leave their insulator puffy zipped into their hard shell, but we use the insulator alone the rest of the year (literally every day for biking to school – it’s small enough to stash in their backpacks for the day), and the hard shell for rainy days (it was the only kids jacket that could stand up to the rains on our trip in the PNW this summer).

This is the ski gear that you’ll see all of our own kids wearing this season, because the quality is so incredible. 4 years ago season we got a set of Shred Dog outerwear for our oldest son, and by the end of the season, we had switched over all 5 of our kids gear to Shred Dog because it’s just THAT GOOD! We also love that their colors work well for boys ski jackets and girls ski jackets alike so it’s easy to pass them down between siblings! While the brand is now called Akova, the quality remains the same (actually it just gets better every season with minor improvements each year).

Use code SKIINGKIDS for 20% off regular-priced items or SKIINGKIDS-35 for 35% off order of $500 or more

NOTE: On the Akova site you’ll see products for Akova and last years Shred Dog gear. The biggest difference in the shell is that the Akova shell has better pockets and the Shred Dog wrists are rubberized. On the insulator, while we like the Shred Dog one a lot, the Akova insulator has some stretch to it and is so much more comfortable for active kids!

Town Hall Mountain Town Coat

WaterProof: 10,000 Waterproof Rating
Warmth: 150g of insulation = warm down to about 10 degrees
Best Features: Lycra wrists, Powder Skirt, Adjustable cuffs, Grow seams, Lots of pockets

Finding great outerwear brands is something we LOVE, especially when they focus on kid’s gear. Town Hall is a relatively new kid’s outerwear company and we absolutely LOVE their coats since the quality and design are really incredible. Designed by a mom out of Steamboat Springs Colorado, it’s packed full of my favorite features.

townhall kids ski coat

While we love the option of layering, if you want the best all-in-one ski coat for kids, this is it! It’s amazing!! I love that the kids can just throw it on and I know that I don’t ever have to worry about them being cold or getting wet. The Town Hall kid’s coats have a 10,000 waterproofing and 10,000 breathability rating. For just about any ski condition, this is going to be great. Overall, this is just a comfortable coat that fits well and performs well, so I don’t have to bug my kids about wearing it. Even my middle schooler who thinks that shorts and snow are a good combination, never hesitates to put this coat on when he heads out the door. We especially love that it’s warm without being really bulky so it’s easy to wear for all sorts of active play and will be comfortable on the slopes.

Some of our favorite features of this coat are the pit zips, generous hood, 3 external pockets (+1 more for a ski pass), a giant internal pocket (which my son has designated his snack stash), and an awesome powder skirt. The Mountain Town Coat also has elastic wrist gaiters which are incredible for keeping snow out of sleeves and keeping hands dry. The grow cuffs will help you get an extra size out of them so that the coat lasts longer, which is always amazing!

townhall kids ski coat

Town Hall has 2 different styles of ski coats, and our top pick is the Mountain Town Winter Coat. It’s got more features that make skiing easier (powder skirt, wrist cuffs, and better pocket design) and really makes being on the mountain easier with kids which is why we love it so much! The Around Town Coat still has great insulation and waterproofing, but just fewer features. It’s still a great coat, but we just love the Mountain Town Jackets features more!

Use code SkiingKids23 for 20% off your order!

Reima Tirro Boys Ski Coat

WaterProof: 10,000 Waterproof Rating
Warmth: Warm down to -5F degrees
Best Features
: Lycra wrists, adjustable hem, good abrasion-resistant fabric

The Reima Tirro is a fantastic boys ski coat. My son has had this coat for the last 2 winters and absolutely LOVED IT! In fact, it’s still in fantastic condition so we’ll pass it on to his little brother this season. Reima does a great job at making really quality kids clothing that LASTS, so I know I can always count on them for great quality gear that I can pass through multiple kids.

reima kids ski coat

The Reima Tirro is one of our favorite Reima ski coats. It’s really a full-feature ski coat that just works well for kids. Of course, the kids love all the fun patterns and colors, but as a parent, I love that there are just as many technical features as well. As a mom, it matters to me that this coat is super waterproof (we never had any wetting out, even through the crazy amounts of snow in 2023), and also breathable…because my boy sure SWEATS! With a 7,000 breathability rating, this coat is top-notch, and the pit zips are so helpful too!!

reima kids ski coat

One unique feature of the Reima Tirro coat is that the powder skirt can zip off. While I love a good powder skirt for on the ski hill, they can kind of annoy my kids when they’re wearing the coat to school or out to play with friends. It’s easy to zip off and then we just stash it in the ski bag so we make sure we have it on the hill. All around the Reima Tirro is a fantastic kids coat that we highly recommend!

Use code SKIINGKIDS20 for 20% off.

BURTON Powline GORE-TEX Coat For Kids

WaterProof: 20,000 Waterproof Rating
Warmth: Warm down to 15 degrees
Best Features: Adjustable cuffs, thumb loops, lifetime warranty, ultra waterproof

The Burton Powline is a high-quality kids’ ski jacket and snowboard jacket. It has a 20,000mm waterproof rating, just like Akova, so it’s one of the best coats for skiing in wet conditions. Of course, to match the extremely resilient outerwear material is fully taped seams and excellent breathability. It also offers fantastic insulation so that children stay warm while skiing in this warm ski coat for children.

Add to that a fantastic wind and powder skirt to shield snow from entering the bottom of this boys ski jacket while sledding, skiing, or snowboarding. We also love the generous helmet compatible hood to keep kids warm and dry on extra cold or wet days. This best winter coat for boys has a distinct style that makes it ideal for snowboarding or a great kids’ ski coat for groms who want a freestyle appearance. If you’re shopping for a high-quality waterproof winter jacket for children, this is an excellent choice.

Helly Hansen Stellar Girls Ski Coat

WaterProof: 12,000 Waterproof Rating
Warmth: Warm down to 0 degrees
Best Features: Adjustable cuff and hem, taped seams, super waterproof

This is one of the best girls’ ski coats you can find. With an incredible 12K waterproof rating and Primaloft insulation, this jacket is perfect for when your gal wants to tackle a powder day. The seams are fully taped adding more waterproof protection to this girl’s ski jacket. We also love that this ski coat for girls has a great powder skirt, adjustable cuffs, and a drawcord hem (both for style and function) to be one of the top performers on the mountain. While it does have a hood, the hood is not helmet-compatible.

To help kids move around better, the articulated sleeves make it easy to move around and be as active as possible. And since most kids are skiing with a phone in their pocket, they’ll love the insulated Life Pocket+ that extends phone battery life in low temperatures. This is one of the best girl’s ski coats you can buy.

Helly Hansen Jr Alpha Boys Ski Jacket

Helly Hansen Jr Alpha Jacket – Boys’ – Kids

WaterProof: 12,000 Waterproof Rating
Warmth: Warm down to 0 degrees
Best Features: Adjustable cuff and hem, taped seams, super waterproof

The Helly Hansen Jr ALpha boys ski jacket is one of the best boys’ ski coats that you can buy. It’s packed full of features and is built to let your boys ski or ride all day long!. It’s super waterproof and breathable, so it’s great for boys who are going to be out in harsh, wet weather ALL DAY and need the best boys’ ski jacket features! While we love that it has a powder skirt and adjustable cuffs, the hood on this boy’s ski coat isn’t helmet-compatible but it is detachable.

Ski boys will also love that there is a special “Life Pocket” that helps to insulate your phone battery so it lasts longer during the day. The ski pass pockets make it easier to get on and off the chairlift and the fastening cuffs and hem do a great job of keeping snow out! This is one of the best ski coats for boys.

Obermeyer Mach 12 Ski Coat For Boys

WaterProof: 15,000 Waterproof Rating
Warmth: Warm down to about 10 degrees
Best Features: Articulated design, 2-way stretch fabric, lots of pockets

This relaxed-fit boys ski jacket from Obermeyer is packed full of features to keep your boy happy on the ski hill. our favorite feature is the articulated design and 2-way stretch fabric so this coat moves well with kids and doesn’t slow them down. It’s also packed full of tons of pockets, adjustable cuffs, a powder skirt, and a lined collar and chin warmer. The 15K waterproofing is very good, and that’s only aided by the critically taped seams to keep more moisture out. This jacket is warm enough for most ski days (with extra insulation at the core) and also has good ventilation for kids who get hot easily. This is one of the top boy’s ski coats.

Spyder Zadie Ski Jacket for Girls

WaterProof: 10,000 Waterproof Rating
Warmth: Warm down to -10 degrees
Best Features: Thumbhole wrist gators, Helmet compatible hood with fur trim, lots of pockets.

If you are looking for one of the warmest girl’s ski jackets, then take a peek at the Spyder Zadie. Made of synthetic down, this jacket provides comparable insulation to a 600 fill down coat. It’s got a puffy look and fit but is still ready for wet weather with a 10K waterproof rating and taped seams. To add to the style of this warm ski coat for girls is a removable hood with fur trim. This warm girls ski jacket comes in regular girl’s sizes as well as toddler sizes, making this also the warmest ski coat for toddler girls. This is the best ski jacket for girls made of down.

Spyder Ambush Boys Ski Coat

WaterProof: 10,000 Waterproof Rating
Warmth: Warm down to 15 degrees
Best Features: Detachable hood, powder skirt, limited lifetime warranty

One of the best things about this winter ski coat for boys is that it comes with a lifetime guarantee (though you probably won’t need it). This is an excellent option for a waterproof coat for boys since it has 10,000m waterproofing. It’s also among the best ski jackets for boys. Another excellent feature of the Spyder Ambush jacket is that not only is the hood detachable, but it’s also helmet-compatible, adding additional warmth on chilly days while still providing coverage. If you’re shopping for one of the top ski jackets for boys, and don’t need one with incredible waterproofing, this is one to think about!

Spyder Conquer Girls Ski Jacket

WaterProof: 10,000 Waterproof Rating
Warmth: Warm down to 10 degrees
Best Features: Detachable hood with faux fur, zippered pockets, drawstring hem and powder skirt

The Spyder Conquer is one of the best ski coats for girls and has fantastic styling that will let girls stand apart from the boys. We love the faux fur trimmed hood that’s helmet compatible, but also detachable for days where fashion trumps function. The synthetic down insulation keeps kids extra warm on colder days making it a very warm girls ski coat.

The North Face Freedom Triclimate Insulated Jacket

WaterProof: 10,000
Warmth: Warm down to 0 degrees
Best Features:
3 in 1 layering

There are a few things to really love about this kid’s ski coat from The North Face. The best feature about this warm kids’ ski coat is that it’s really WARM. This comes from the 3 in 1 layering system that allows you to customize the warmth of your kid’s coat to suit their preferences and the ski conditions.

While we want to love a lot of the other features of this kid’s North Face jacket, a lot of them come in sub-par. While this coat looks great for outdoor play, it’s lacking some features that make it a great kids ski coat. This jacket is lacking a powder skirt and the hood is not helmet compatible. The idea of it is good, but for this price, you can get a better quality coat. Overall, this appears to be good name-brand coat, but for the high cost of this kids ski coat, you can get better quality for the money.

Obermeyer Orb Toddler Boys Ski Coat

WaterProof: 10,000
Warmth: Warm down to 0 degrees
Best Features: Fleece lined collar and cuffs, articulated design, I-Grow system

If you’re looking for the best toddler ski coat, we highly recommend the Obermeyer Orb. This ski coat is designed just for little skiers to keep them dry and extra warm on colder days. To help keep little ones cozy, this toddler ski jacket has a fleece lining on the cuffs and collar, right where other jackets rub the most. Best of all, this little kids ski coat has an articulated design to give kids more freedom of movement whether they’re learning to ski or just playing in the snow.

The Obermeyer I-Grow cuffs allow you to extend the arms as your kids grow (though you can’t shorten them again like with Shred Dog). This is one of the best toddler ski coats and warmest toddler ski coats on the market.

best kids ski coats
big family of kids skiing

Making Ski Coats Warmer

Did you know that you can make ski clothing warmer? It’s true. By getting a good insulating base layer (check out our favorite kids base layers) and then adding a warmer mid-layer, your kid’s winter ski coat will actually keep them warmer. If you have a kid who always seems to be cold, consider getting them a snowsuit instead of a coat. Even though our kids have excellent coats, 2 of our kids get cold more easily and prefer snowsuits on really cold days.

kids base layers

Ski Coats vs Snowboard Coats

People often ask “Is there a difference between a kids ski coat and a kids snowboard coat?” The short answer is NO! Both kid’s ski coats and kids’ snowboard coats are designed to keep kids warm and dry on the ski hill and allow them to move around freely. Snowboard coats often have more of a “freestyle” look, but many ski coats have similar stylings, so there really isn’t much difference.

shred dog kids ski coats
Same coat for skiing and snowboarding!!
kids snowboard coat

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