15 Top Ski Boots for Kids in 2022: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced

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Ski boots are the one piece of gear that has the biggest impact on your child’s ski performance. A good pair of ski boots will have them stopping and turning with confidence and having the best control over their skis, whereas a bad pair of kids ski boots, will have them begging for lots of breaks in the lodge all day long.

So if you’re kids are ready to hit the slopes and don’t know what ski boots will be right for them, here is our list of 15 top ski boots for kids in 2022.

best kids ski boots

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How To Determine If Ski Boots Are The Right Size

Unlike kids shoes, where you can feel for a child’s toe, fitting a pair of kids ski boots the right size can be a bit of a challenge. I always recommend that parents take their children into a ski shop if possible to get them sized for ski boots, even if you’re not planning to buy there. Having a ski technician walk through the fit process withy our child can ensure that you get the proper size of ski boots for kids. Since kids ski boots are naturally very stiff, many kids think that their ski boot is too small just because it is tight, even when the boot is actually fitting well, so an experts opinion is great when determining size.

If you can find good used ski boots, this is a great way to save money on skiing, so check your local classifieds and used ski swaps for great kids ski boot deals. Our local ski shops usually don’t have a great selection of the best kids ski boots, so we’ve found it works well to buy new kids ski boots online if you know the correct ski boot size.

ski boot sizing for kids

One way to tell if your child’s ski boots are too small is by removing the liner from them. Once you get the liner out, have your child try on the boot liner with their normal socks on. While this doesn’t tell you everything, if the liner is really tight it might mean their boots are a little too short for their feet.

kids ski boot sizes

Next, you’ll want to have your child try on the ski boot shell without the liner inside of it. Have them scoot their foot forward until their toes are just touching the front end of their ski boot liner. Gently reach your hand inside and measure with your fingers to see how much room they have in their ski boots. Generally, if you can fit 2 fingers between their heel and the boot shell about 0.75-1″ of space, you have a good size. If there is more space or less space then this, keep looking for a different size of children’s ski boots. NOTE: This method DOES NOT WORK for Roces Adjustable ski boots.

Best Kids Ski Boots

kids ski gear

If you’re choosing the best kids ski boots, it’s important to determine a few things first. Initially, you need to determine how good of a skier your child is. If your child is just starting out or is only confident skiing on green ski runs, they are considered a beginning skier. If they can confidently ski all blue ski runs, they are an intermediate skier, and if they can ski anything on the mountain they are an advanced skier.

All ski boots are given a flex rating depending on how stiff they are. Kids boots can have a flex as small as 20 for beginners, whereas an advanced kids ski race boot might have a flex of 80-90. Generally, boots with a smaller number (more flex) are more comfortable but offer less performance. Kids’ ski boots with a higher number (less flex) are less comfortable but offer better performance. Make sense?

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Understanding Kids Ski Boot Sizes

Kids ski boot sizes are not in regular sizes like their shoes are, but rather are shown in mondo sizes. Kids ski boots typically start at a mondo size 15 and go up in half size increments to about a mondo size 24 (after that you will start wearing adult sizes). To determine youth ski boot sizing, you will need to look either inside the liner or inside the plastic shell of the youth ski boots. There is often a number imprinted on the sole of the kids ski boot that’s something like 276mm – THIS IS NOT THE BOOT SIZE! Rather, this number that’s shown in mm tells the ski boot technician what length the sole of the boot is so they can fit it to the kids ski bindings. Although it would be nice, this number doesn’t directly correlate to the child’s ski boot size. Here is a chart to help you understand kids ski boot mondo sizes and how to find your kids ski boot size.

Best Kids Ski Boots for Beginners

Beginner skiers need all the odds stacked in their favor so that they have a great ski experience from the beginning. Getting a comfortable ski boot, and a good pair of warm ski socks will make those learning years much happier for everyone. Ski boots for beginner kids usually have just one or two buckles which make them easier to get on and off, but doesn’t provide the performance of a boot with more buckles.

toddler skiing with an edgie wedgie

Best Intermediate Ski Boots For Kids

Intermediate skiers should be able to confidently ski all blue square terrain on the mountain. If you have an intermediate skier, you will want to get them a kids ski boot that’s got a little bit of flex to it, but that can also be a bit more aggressive. Ski boots for kids who ski at an intermediate level usually have at least 2-3 buckles to help the ski boot for kids fit more snuggly and to provide a more customized fit.

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Best Advanced Ski Boots for Kids

Advanced and expert ski kids should be able to ski anything on the mountain with confidence. They’re probably the kids that give you a bit of a scare as you watch them, yet they’re in total control. For kids who ski at an advanced level, make sure that they have equipment that can maximize their performance as they push their limits. If you’re having trouble finding a kids ski boot that is stiff enough for your child, I recommend getting a Booster Strap to help hold their feet in more securely. We added a Booster Strap to our son’s ski boots a couple of years ago and it took his boot performance from “okay” to “fantastic”!

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Best Ski Boots for Toddlers and Preschool Ski Boots

Four of my kids started skiing right around 18 months, and the most difficult thing about getting them geared up was finding ski boots that were the right size. When my oldest son started skiing, the smallest boots we could find were a size 16, which was WAY too big, and his skiing suffered because of it (despite the newspaper we stuffed at his toes). Now, toddler ski boots come in sizes as small as a mondo 14.5, but they often sell out FAST, so if you’re in this category, I recommend that you buy them ASAP if you find them in stock!

Toddler skiing

Truthfully, there’s nothing amazing about little kids’ preschool ski boots. They all have one buckle and are pretty easy to get on and off. The whole goal of toddler ski boots or ski boots for preschoolers is to expose them to the amazing sport of skiing at a young age, in hopes that they’ll fall hopelessly in love with it!

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Below, I’ll briefly share the best options for tiny kids ski boots:

Nordica SpeedMachine J1 –

Fits down to a size 14.5

Fisher RC4 10 Toddler ski boots

Fits down to a size 16.5

Dalbello Menace 1.0 toddler boys ski boot

Fits down to a size 14.5

Dalbello Gaia 1.0 preschool ski boot for girls

Fits down to a size 14.5

Best Overall Kids Ski Boots

If you’re looking for the best kids ski boots, first identify what level of skier your child is. Once you determine that, you can decide what kind of children’s ski boots you need. Below are some of the best ski boots kids need to really have a great time on the slopes!

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Roces Kids Adjustable Ski Boots Review

These are the ski boots that I recommend to nearly EVERYONE teaching their kids how to ski. We’ve been using Roces ski boots with our kids for nearly a decade and they’ve been a GAME CHANGER! Each pair of adjustable kids ski boots can fit 6 different sizes of feet, so these really will last a long time. Amazingly, they’re also the cheapest kids ski boots overall, but the quality is fantastic. We’ve had the same pair of ski boots go through 4 of our kids and they are still in great condition, despite being skied 15-25 days every year.

While prices vary slightly at different retailers, Roces generally cost between $100-$130 online. When you consider that most other pairs of ski boots will cost that same price or more, for just ONE SIZE, this is an amazing deal. It’s rare to find used ski boots for kids under $30, so these ski boots are even cheaper to buy new than buying the same number of old used pairs. This is hands down the cheapest kids ski boot deal you’ll find and the quality is great too!

Here are our favorite Adjustable Ski Boots For Kids

Roces Idea Up Ski Boots, Size 16-18

The Idea Up is the smallest adjustable junior ski boot made by Roces. It fits ski boot sizes from a Mondo 16-18, with all sizes in between. This ski boot fits a smaller size range of feet so that it can provide skiing toddlers and preschoolers a fit that’s customized to their little bodies. This ski boot for toddlers has one buckle for an easy on-off fit.

Roces Idea Ski Boot, Size 19.0-22.0

The Roces idea adjustable ski boot has 2 buckles and provides more stability and security thanks to its design. This model is perfect for kids who are beginner to intermediate skiers and need a ski boot that will grow with them.

Roces Free Ski Boot, Size 22.5-25.5

The Roces Free ski boot is a youth adjustable ski boot designed for older kids and is a great and affordable ski boot option for tweens and early teens. We love the three buckle design as well as the wide variety of color options in the Roces Free, giving this boot a more “grown-up” sort of look. This boot is great for kids you are beginner skiers, but as they progress to intermediate and advanced skiers, most kids will want a stiff youth ski boot instead of these.

Elan EZYY and Bloom Flexible Ski Boot For Kids: Most comfortable ski boot for kids

Best For: Ski Boots For Beginning Skiers

We absolutely love the idea of the Elan flexible ski boots for kids. Many kids struggle with how stiff their ski boots are, so Elan designed a flexible ski boot with kids who are learning to ski in mind. This is the best first ski boot for kids since it eases kids into the transition to more advanced equipement. If you’re looking for the most comfortable kids’ ski boots for teaching skiing, the Elan Bloom is the best boot for kids.

Elan flexible ski boots for kids come in 2 different styling options. The Elan Bloom is styled for girls, and the Elan Ezyy is styled for boys, but they are essentially the same kids ski boot, but with different colors.

Nordica Firearrow Team 1 Kids Ski Boot

Best Ski Boots For Beginning skiers

This little Nordica ski boot is the perfect ski boot for teaching your kids how to ski. It’s got a simple one buckle design so it’s easy to get on and off, and the outsoles provide plenty of traction on slippery surfaces. We especially love the locking ratchet strap system of closure, which makes adjusting kids’ ski boots incredibly easy for parents.

Check Nordica Firearrow Prices

Head Edge J2 Ski Boot for Kids

Best Ski Boots for Beginning-Intermediate skiers

The Head Edge J2 Kids Ski Boots are the perfect choice for your kids, as they guarantee ultimate comfort while providing high performance. The boots feature a shell that is easy to put on and off thanks to its entry design, not requiring any struggle in the lodge. What’s more, these ski boots come with 2 buckles so you can tighten or loosen them for a more customized fit. These boots are good for beginners up to early intermediate skiers.

Check Prices on Head Edge J2 Ski Boots

Nordica Speedmachine J2 Kids ski boot

Best for: Ski Boots For Beginning-Intermediate skiers

Nordica Speedmachine J2 Ski Boot is a great choice for independent-minded kids because it has two easy-to-use Full Aluminum buckles to adjust the tightness, making it easier for kids to get their boots on and off alone. This is a ski boot with an easy entry design so it’s easier to get them on and off at the car, which makes everyone’s day easier.

Check Nordica Speedmachine J 2 Boot Prices

Dalbello Gaia 2.0 Girls Ski Boot

Best for: Ski Boots Beginning-Intermediate skiers

If you’re looking for a kids ski boot designed for girls, you’ll love the Dalbello Gaia 2.0. This is the perfect ski boot for beginning and intermediate girl skiers, and the design is perfect to let girls shine on the ski hill. Some of the best features of this girl’s ski boot are the Grip Walk outsole to prevent slipping, AND you’ll be thrilled to know that the liner can be heat molded to perfectly fit little girls’ feet while skiing. This 2 buckle girls ski boot is perfect for learning how to ski.

Check Prices on Dalbello Gaia 2.0

Dalbello Menace 2.0 Boys Ski Boot

Best for: Ski Boots For Beginning-Intermediate skiers

The Dalbello Menace 2.0 is the boys ski boot version of the Gaia 2.0 mentioned above. Honestly, the only real differences are the colors of the boys and girls ski boots. This boot features the same Grip Walk outsole to prevent kids from slipping on ice, as well as a heat-moldable liner. Both the Menace boys ski boot and the Gaia ski boot for girls have micro adjust buckles so you can get that perfect ski boot fit on kids!

Check Prices on Dalbello Menace 2.0

Nordica Speedmachine J3 Ski Boots For Kids

Best For: Ski Boots For Intermediate Skier kids

The Nordica Speedmachine J3 is a step up from the Speedmachine J2 that we shared above, and is designed for more advanced skiers. It features the Nordica Easy Entry design and is an easy and consistent step up for kids from the J2 design. Parents will love that the 3 buckle design gives a tighter fit for better performance. Another great feature about this ski boot for children is that it has a weight adjust feature so you can customize this boot more as your kids grow and develop. The Speedmachine J3 is available in both girl-styled colors and boy-styled colors.

Check Prices On Nordica Speedmachine J3

Dalbello Menace 4 Boys Ski Boots

Best for: Ski Boots For Beginner – Intermediate ski kids, Older kids ski boots

The Dalbello Menace 4 boys ski boot is designed with older beginning skiers in mind. The 4 buckle design gives optimum stability and less flex, while allowing your child to get a custom fit ski boot with their micro adjust buckles. While many boots in this category with 4 buckles are designed for advanced skiers, this boot is designed with a more grown up look, but a softer flex, to accommodate older kids learning how to ski.

Check Prices on Dalbello Menace 4.0

Dalbello Gaia 4 Girls Ski Boots

Best for: Ski Boots For Beginner – Intermediate skier kids, Ski boots for older kids

The Dalbello Gaia 4 is essentially the same ski boot at the Menace 4 shared above, but with a different color scheme. All the features on both boots are the same.

Check Prices on Dalbello Gaia 4.0

Salomon S Max 65 Kids Ski Boot

Best Ski Boots for Intermediate – Advanced ski kids

This ski boot for kids is just about as close to an adult boot as you’ll find and is built with the progressive skills of kids in mind. It has a thin shell to keep the boot light and encourage more precise handling and the liner adapts to the shape of kids feet as they ski. Best of all, we love the power strap to help kids ski more securely. This is an excellent high-performance ski boot for kids!

Check Prices on Salomon S/Max 65

The kids ski boots we shared with you today are all designed to offer a custom fit for kids of different ages and skill levels. Whether your kids has just taken their first steps on the slopes or they’re looking to take an advanced course, there’s a boot out there that will work for them! Remember that it is important to get kids ski boots sized in person so you can make sure they have enough room around the toes and heel area, even if you plan to buy online for getter selection.

Written by Jessica Averett

Hi, I'm Jessica! After meeting my husband on a chairlift, we now live in the mountains of Utah with our 5 kids. As a former ski instructor and mom, I'm here to help you make your family ski trips as easy, and FUN, as possible!