8 Perfect European Ski Resorts For Families

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Legendary is an inadequate description of the ski resorts in Europe. There is no shortage of exciting ski and après-ski activities at Europe’s ski resorts. 

Spend your family ski holiday in Europe, exploring the largest terrains, relishing luscious meals, or appreciating the magnificent scenery Europe’s Alps and Dolomites offer. 

There are also quieter restaurants, comfortable accommodations, and special European carnivals at affordable prices. 

Europe’s diverse slopes, ski-friendly climate, and impressive infrastructures offer skiers a chance to go home with magical experiences that’ll last long. 

Are you inspired to travel to Europe but not sure where to go? Get ready for your ski vacation with our list of the best family ski resorts in Europe. 

St. Moritz, Switzerland

St Moritz ski

St. Moritz is hands down one of the best places to ski in Europe. Previously chosen for many Winter Olympics, St. Moritz is a ski destination on most expert and intermediate skiers’ wish lists. Beginners are not exempted from the skiing fun — there are numerous ski terrains for beginners at St. Moritz.

St Moritz Switzerland

This high alpine resort town has three villages with different winter attractions for families, including snowshoeing, sledding, cross-country skiing, and downhill skiing. St. Moritz is also a good place for kids. There are ski schools around the area. And if you want to go skiing without the kids, babysitting services and kids’ clubs are available in many accommodations. 

Nightlife at St. Moritz is exciting. You can visit the lovely restaurants and bars to enjoy local and foreign dishes and drinks. Many après ski and entertainment spots are available for families in the Swiss mountain town. The hotels in this region feature luxurious rooms, fitness centers, spas, indoor and outdoor pools, hot tubs, and more. 

Courchevel, France

courchevel france skiing

If you’re searching for a large ski resort that offers a superb skiing experience in Europe, you should consider Courchevel. Not only is its ski domain one of the largest in Europe (600 kilometers of ski runs), Courchevel gives a luxurious skiing vacation experience. Plus, its terrains are perfect for skiers of all levels. 

courchevel france skiing

As one of the best European ski resorts for families, Courchevel’s cable car moves up to a level as high as 2700 meters, giving you the town’s best view. Considering this place’s side attractions, it’s top-ranked on our list of the best family ski resorts in 2023.

When you visit Courchevel for your ski vacation, you can’t run out of new things to do. From riding the snowmobile with your family to partaking in hot air balloon adventures. The fun at Courchevel never stops. Other activities you can try include ski touring, snowshoeing, tobogganing, and dog sledding. Also, kids love the ski schools and chairlifts at the ski resort. 

Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy

Cortina d'ampezzo italy ski town

Of all the Dolomites in Italy, Cortina d’Ampezzo is the most special. No wonder the skiers’ favorite is called — Queen of the Dolomites. The Cinque Torri’s five ragged peaks and unique ski terrain make the town gorgeous and one of the best European ski resorts for families. 

Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy

This chic town started attracting many ski tourists after the 1956 Winter Olympics. And its high-altitude snowfield and standard steeps leave many visitors satisfied. You’d love to try downhill skiing at this beautiful resort — it gives so much delight. Other things we love about this place are — its connection with other ski resorts and the bright light on the bobsled trail at night, making it one of the best places to ski in Europe.

Apart from the superb skiable, and scenic terrains, Cortina offers many entertainment venues for families, including games centers, parks suitable for families, sports complexes, and golf clubs. Shopping at the chic shops in Cortina is fun too. 

Kids can come along with you to Cortina d’Ampezzo. There are ski schools and playgrounds for them. They can also play games at the game center and watch movies with other kids. The place puts Italy on the map of the best ski resorts in Europe, considering all the infrastructure and things to do. 

Val d’Isere, France

Mont Blanc from Val D'isere ski resort

Val d’Isere is another resort that boasts as one of the best European ski resorts for families. The height of the skiing terrain in Val d’Isere is impressive, and the lowest terrain is 1550 meters high. This makes it possible to ski at the resort till May. In addition, 3,000-meter peaks surround the high valley, and there are more than 150 ski lifts for its terrain. 

The skiing terrain suits expert and inexperienced skiers, including kids. There is even a simple downhill slope for families, which gives young and older children the opportunity to learn and practice skiing. Don’t worry about the ski gear for your children, as shops are available to provide ski gear for kids of all sizes. Snow playing grounds, where kids can play, are accessible too. 

Val d’Isere is the home of après-ski parties. The resort has a reputation for many entertainment options and thrilling nightlife. You can do many things with your loved ones — the fun at this place in winter is nearly endless. Whether you want to watch a live band sing while you’re dining or to dance with your ski boots, Val d’Isere has different options for every guest.

Zermatt-Matterhorn, Switzerland

Zermatt switzerland

Zermatt is not just gorgeous; it offers the most extensive ski terrain and the greatest vertical drop in Europe, which covers 3,900 meters. Recognized as a perfect place for Winter Olympics, we can’t afford to miss mentioning Zermatt as one of the best family ski resorts in Europe. The landmark of the Matterhorn, which stands as an iconic backdrop, makes the area more inviting to skiers. 

Zermatt Switzerland

The long runs that extend to the village make skiing in Zermatt more interesting. The world’s tallest 3S cableway, The Matterhorn Glacier Rider, which transports more than 2,000 skiers in sixty minutes, is one of the highlights of this ski resort. 

Some of the best ski schools in Europe are located in Zermatt. These schools also give snowboarding lessons to both grownups and children. The Wolli’s Park for beginners, with a variety of ski activities and magic carpets, are more reasons why this skiing zone is one of the best places to ski in Europe.  

You’ll find charming hotels and vacation rentals in Zermatt. Most of the accommodation options are loaded with top-notch amenities that will make your stay enjoyable.

Skistar Trysil, Norway

Skistar Trysil, Norway

With its 78 kilometers of terrain and 68 slopes, Skistar Trysils offers one of the broadest ski terrains in the world. You’ll also have access to 32 lifts in four skiing areas. The alpine ski resort is great for skiers of all levels and features snow parks, woods, and mountains. 

Skistar Trysil is perfect for the little ones. There’s a snowman in the town known as Valle that makes them happy. Valle the Snowman engages children with many fun-filled activities like games and competitions. Visit Tyrisl this winter, and your children won’t stop babbling about Valle. You can also take your children to learn skiing at the ski schools in the area.  

There are many family-friendly hotels in the town, and the best ones are located close to the resort. You’d also have access to all essential hotel amenities like WiFi, heated pools, sauna, spas, restaurants, and bars. Some of these accommodations even have indoor surf wave and bowling facilities.

 Zugspitze, Germany

 Zugspitze, Germany

Zugspitze, the host of the 1936 Winter Olympics and the highest mountain in Germany, is a unique ski resort that should be on every skier’s list of the best all-inclusive ski resort for families. Expert, intermediate, and beginner skiers are welcome to ski at the resort. At this place, you can have it all — large slopes, numerous lifts, a panoramic view of the town, and so much more.   

Zugspitze is where you’d find the best skiing contest in Germany. If you’re willing to test your skiing skills, you can participate in one of the contests. You can also try cable car rides, downhill skiing, tobogganing, horse-drawn sleigh rides, and nature hikes at the ski resort. With all the activities you can try at Zugspitze, it’s classified as one of the best places to ski in Europe.  

One of the reasons you should consider visiting Zugspitze is — the delicious Bavarian cuisine you can enjoy at its restaurants. Asides from the yummy meals from the restaurants, you’ll like to shop at Zugspitze’s skiers’ shops, which provide everything you might need for a fantastic skiing experience. Keep kids excited by taking them to the Petting Zoo and riding the cable car with them. Childcare services and ski schools are available too. 

Engelberg, Switzerland

engelberg switzerland ski lift

Engelberg arguably offers one of the best family skiing terrains in Switzerland. Regardless of your skiing ability, you’ll have something to do at the resort with your family. 

engelberg ski

You’ll enjoy activities like toboggan contests, sledding, snowshoeing, winter hiking, and snowboarding at the resort.  Our list of the best family ski resorts in Europe will be incomplete without Engelberg. Your kids will love Engelberg; there’s a snow playground where they can play all day. The ski school is also good for kids. 

Engelberg’s hotels boast amenities that make you feel cozy, including spas, pools, comfy furniture, and fireplaces. You’ll also find many restaurants that serve tasty local meals in the area. Choose Engelberg for your ski holiday, and you’ll be glad you did.

Written by Jessica Averett

Hi, I'm Jessica! After meeting my husband on a chairlift, we now live in the mountains of Utah with our 5 kids. As a former ski instructor and mom, I'm here to help you make your family ski trips as easy, and FUN, as possible!