8 Great Dryers for Gloves and Boots

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Playing in the snow in winter is absolutely magical…dealing with wet and frozen gear IS NOT!  After dealing with piles of wet gloves and boots all over our home for YEARS, we decided it was time to finally do something about it and look into the best boot dryers and the best glove dryers.  With the amount of time our kids spend in the snow and on the slopes, I don’t know why we didn’t look into one sooner!

Boot and glove dryers are an absolute GAME CHANGER if you’ve got an active family and make things so much easier with kids!

winter snow on wet gloves

Imagine how much simpler your winter would be if you never had to worry about wet gloves and boots, especially for the kids!  As we looked into the best glove dryers and boot dryers, we quickly learned that they’re not all created equally.  Some are fantastic budget boot dryers and others will cost more than your lift ticket will, but what I do know is that there’s something for every family!

 Keep reading and you’ll find the best budget boot dryer to suit your family’s needs and help you stay dry and warm all winter long.

Why do you need glove dryers and boot dryers?

Gloves and boots are the pieces of winter gear that come into the most contact with snow and get wet and cold the fastest. If you’re playing or working in the snow day after day, finding a good boot dryer is essential so that your gloves and boots don’t get ruined!

kids playing in the snow

The best glove dryers and portable glove dryers, in particular, do more than just dry your gloves and mittens. They also remove bacteria that thrive in moist areas, which is really useful considering that even almost-dry gloves can act as breeding grounds for bacteria and lead to the deterioration of your gear…aside from being GROSS! 

Both the higher-end and budget glove dryers on this list will ensure that your gear stays in top shape, thereby extending its lifespan. Kids usually love that dryers warm up gloves and boots before use. After all, who doesn’t love having warm hands and feet on a cold winter’s morning? A boot and glove dryer also comes in handy for athletes and adventurers who need to quickly dry out their gear and apparel between each use. 

ski boots in snow

What’s the difference between a boot dryer and a glove dryer

Glove and boot dryers have similar functions and specifications. Unless specified otherwise, most of the products on this list can be easily used to dry both gloves and boots! Most boot dryers also work well to dry socks, scarves, and even pants that need to be dried!

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Types of boot dryers and glove dryers


A convection boot dryer pulls in room temperature air to heat it up and strip it of moisture before circulating it around your boots and gloves to quickly dry them off. Although a convection dryer takes a little longer than an electric dryer to do the job, it is usually quieter and uses less energy.

Forced air

Forced air boot and glove dryers use a fan or a compressor to remove moisture and sweat from garments and boots. They’re the best glove dryers for those in a hurry as they can dry up your gear in just 1-2 hours.

UV light dryers

Dryers with Ultraviolet light technology provide the ultimate germ protection. They eliminate both foul odors as well as agents that cause skin irritation by drying your gear and neutralizing the bacteria that tend to fester on moist surfaces. 

Things to consider when getting a boot dryer or glove dryer

ski boot dryers


Large families know too well the importance of buying appliances with large capacities. A dryer that can dry multiple items at once is always a better choice. Look for a 4-boot dryer that can quickly dry two pairs of boots or gloves.  If you’ve got a family, consider buying 2 glove dryers!

Noise level

Search for a boot dryer that gets the job done without making a lot of ruckus. Nobody likes the sound of a noisy dryer when they’re trying to fall asleep!

Drying time

The kind of dryer you choose will depend on how and when you plan to use it. For instance, even some of the best boot dryers that are known for their quick drying capabilities might not be right for you due to being too noisy. Some noiseless ones, on the other hand, can take up to three hours to dry a pair of wet boots! 

If you’re going to use the dryer every day, it’s a good idea to go for a dryer that quietly dries your items overnight. Those who are looking to purchase a dryer for drying out sports gear in between matches, or for use in the middle of a workday, should opt for an efficient dryer that can dry items in two hours, tops, even if it does so a little noisily.


Choose a dryer that comes with additional accessories such as hose extensions to dry multiple items, a drip tray to protect your floor or carpet, and automatic timers, so you don’t have to keep a constant eye on the device while it’s on. Other features, such as mitten dryers with UV light technology to kill germs and temperature control features to set the temperature based on the garment type, are bonuses.

Best Boot Dryers and Glove Dryers for Winter

kids playing in wet snow

Green Glove Dryer – Best Budget Boot Dryer

The Green Glove Dryer is one of the best budget glove dryers for those looking to give green living a try. Its economical design only utilizes the heat already used in your home or office. It’s also possibly the best option if you’re on a budget.

Featuring a twist-lock nozzle and a sturdy seal, the Green Glove Eco Dryer dries your mittens and boots in less than 2 hours. You can use it to dry your gloves, boots, hats, socks, shoes, and more. This compact boot dryer is incredibly easy to set up too. Just place it over your forced air register and let the dryer do the rest. 

Best Features

  • Its compact design makes it easy to carry in a travel bag.
  • The twist-lock nozzle design keeps all the individual pieces in good shape.
  • Not having a fan and inbuilt heater makes it one of the best budget glove dryers.
  • It’s also one of the best boot dryers for families with young children as it is completely non-electric and safe to use by anyone.

Features we don’t like

  • It directs air equally to all of its ports and offers no option to redistribute it towards a single port to maximize drying of one item. You can try using masking tape over unused ports to overcome this issue. 
  • This mitten dryer’s light base makes it easy to topple over so you have to balance it carefully. 


DryGuy Travel DX Dryer – Best Portable Boot Dryer

One of the best boot dryers in the market, the DryGuy Travel DX Boot Dryer combines convection drying with forced air drying to dry footwear faster than most portable boot dryers.

The fan at the front of the unit draws air over the heating element and through the shoe, drying them up in under 2.5 hours. Its unique and compact shape makes it one of the best boot dryers for travel. 

Best Features

  • This portable boot dryer is great for use in the car.
  • It consumes only 13 watts of power.
  • It has long cords to make connecting it to a power supply easy. 
  • You can use it to dry just about any boot.
  • It’s one of the best budget boot dryers out there.

Features we don’t like

  • It takes a little longer than ideal to dry boots that are soaking wet.
  • It does not have a power button, which means you have to plug it in and out every time you wish to turn it on or off. 
  • It isn’t the best option for drying gloves, socks, and other smaller apparel due to its unique shape. 

OdorStop Boot and Shoe Dryer and Deodorizer 

Say goodbye to smelly shoes with the OdorStop Boot and Shoe Dryer. It not only claims to dry your boots and kill odor-causing fungus, mold, and bacteria but actually also makes your shoes smell fresh again! The dryer comes with an adjustable tube design, eight ventilation tubes, and four boot brackets that help dry boots and gloves of all sizes.

Best Features

  • It has a three-hour countdown timer so you can leave it on overnight. 
  • It’s a 4-boot dryer, so you can dry two pairs of boots at once. 
  • It comes with a three-year warranty.
  • Works for boots of all sizes
  • Very low noise output
  • Some users claim it dries wet boots in as little as 30 minutes.

Features we don’t like

  • The dryer removes bad odors from your shoes but may give off some unpleasant odors when it’s in use.

Kendal Boot Dryer

Based on the type of apparel you want to dry, you can choose between three temperature settings on this lightweight dryer. It guarantees dry clothes within 30 minutes to 3 hours, depending on the wetness of the gear. It includes four heat blowers with an extra rack for shoes and gloves, and even comes with a wall mount setup, making it one of the best boot dryers for use at home. 

Best Features

  • You can dry four items at once.
  • It comes with aroma-active carbon that helps get rid of foul odors.
  • It has a timer for up to 3 hours.
  • Once the hoses are disconnected, it fits quite nicely into a travel bag.
  • The compact boot dryer has a wall-mount design to help save space at home.

Features we don’t like

  • It can be a little noisy.

DryGuy Forced Boot Dryer

It’s time to put an end to soaking boots, hats, soccer cleats, helmets, and gloves with the DryGuy Forced Boot Dryer. It is one of the best glove dryers for those in a hurry because of its ability to dry four pieces of apparel in under two hours. In this dryer, forced air at around 105 degrees blows gently through its removable extension tubes to dry boots that are up to 16 inches long. It has a 6-foot power cord so you can set it up anywhere in your home. 

Best Features

  • This boot dryer has a very quiet central rotary blower.
  • It gets rid of odors and bacteria.
  • It comes with a timer.
  • It dries apparel within 2 hours without shrinking or warping them.
  • It has extension tubes for tall boots.
  • It has heat settings so you can choose to heat your items or simply dry them without heat. 

Features we don’t like

  • The dryer tubes have no covers, which means that hot air goes unused when all the tubes are not utilized.

Everlasting Comfort Dryer

The Everlasting Comfort Dryer uses a hybrid forced air speed drying system to dry most apparel within 80 minutes. It utilizes a fan and forced air induction to draw in air, warm it up, and circulate it through your garments and shoes. It has two small drying tubes in the front that are perfect for gloves, soccer cleats, clothes, kids’ footwear, and socks, and two extendable ones in the back that are for drying up boots and helmets nicely. 

Best Features

  • It gets rid of odors and deodorizes the apparel.
  • Has a two-year replacement policy.
  • It has an optional heat switch if you want to warm your gloves or boots.
  • It has a timer for up to three hours.
  • It is a portable glove dryer with a carrying handle.
  • It has drip trays at the bottom to prevent water from dripping onto the carpet or floor.
  • Fits tall boots up to 16 inches long.

Features we don’t like

  • The drip plates are a little flimsy and can sometimes get detached, but they’re easy enough to get back on.
  • It might take more than 80 minutes if your boots are soaking wet.

COSTWAY Boot Dryer

Have a good night’s sleep while the Costway Boot Dryer silently works its magic and dries up all your apparel. This electric boot dryer uses a thermal heat wave system to dry gear and comes with detachable tubes so you can dry up to two pairs of snow boots, shoes, or gloves simultaneously. The tubes have adjustable heights so you can dry boots of varying heights. What’s more, this ski boot dryer has no trouble drying even the wettest boots within 180 minutes but is still overheat-protected to extend the life of your apparel. 

Best Features

  • Timer settings up to 3 hours.
  • Four shoe brackets so you can dry up to 4 apparel at a time. 
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Removes foul odors and moisture.
  • The compact boot dryer has easily detachable parts, making it convenient to carry on the go. 
  • It is noiseless.

Features we don’t like

  • The timer needs to be set up manually before each usage.
  • Temperature is not adjustable.

Manledio Portable Electric Boot Dryer

The Manledio Portable Electric Boot Dryer is perfect for drying any apparel. From leather, PVC, cloth, and synthetic to canvas, it can handle them all. It dehumidifies by working at a controlled temperature of 40 to 60 degrees Celsius, so as not to affect the quality of the garments. It also comes with different time settings that allow you to set a drying time according to the kind of apparel. Overall, it’s one of the best budget ski boot dryers to add to your arsenal, whether you are hunting, skiing, camping, hiking, or simply at home!

Best Features

  • The distance can be adjusted to dry boots of all sizes by stretching out the two brackets.
  • It folds up so you can carry it on the go or fold it up and stow it away when not in use.
  • Removes odors, sweat, and moisture.
  • The mitten dryer has a timer, which allows you to leave it on in the background.
  • Even soaking-wet boots can be dried up in 30 to 40 minutes with this dryer.

Features we don’t like

  • It can get a little noisy.
  • This lightweight dryer can sometimes topple over if used to dry heavy boots.


Written by Jessica Averett

Hi, I'm Jessica! After meeting my husband on a chairlift, we now live in the mountains of Utah with our 5 kids. As a former ski instructor and mom, I'm here to help you make your family ski trips as easy, and FUN, as possible!